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Report: Netflix International Subs to Exceed Domestic in 2018

7 Jun, 2017 By: Stephanie Prange

Netflix will have 128 million subscribers by 2022, up by 44% from 89 million at the end of 2016, according to a new Netflix Forecasts report from the Research and Markets firm. The report estimates that the number of international subscribers will exceed U.S. ones by early 2018.

North America and Western Europe will together supply 72% of Netflix's total subscriber base by 2022 — down from 81% in 2016, according to the report. The Asia Pacific region will boast more than 10 million subscribers by 2022 — nearly triple the 2016 total.

Netflix expanded to 130 more countries in January 2016 to bring its total to 190 countries. The 130 new countries will have 14 million subscribers combined by 2022, up from 3 million at end-2016, according to the report. The 2022 figure corresponds to 11% of Netflix's global total.

The top five countries will supply two-thirds of Netflix's subscribers by 2022. The United States will still contribute 44% of subscribers by 2022. By 2022, 17 countries will have more than 1 million subs, up from 10 countries at the end of 2016.

Subscription revenue for Netflix will climb from $8.29 billion in 2016 to $14.86 billion in 2022, according to the report. The 60 countries that started before January 2016 will provide 90% of revenues in 2022. However, Asia Pacific will quadruple its revenues to more than $1 billion.

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