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Netflix Website Gets More Than a Facelift

15 Jun, 2015 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Updated Netflix website

Netflix June 15 announced it is making changes to its website — the first update in four years.

Specifically, since the subscription streaming pioneer can be found embedded in myriad consumer electronics devices, the website upgrade is designed to act like an app and not a series of linked Web pages, according to Cameron Johnson at Netflix.

With content search and recommendation software at the forefront of Netflix’s well-regarded consumer interface, the new website features a black background and enables the users to learn more information about a TV show or movie simply by hovering over the title.

Instead of opening a description of the content, the users will see a slideshow of images from that movie or show. Clicking on the title or synopsis opens an inline details pane, allowing the user to browse episodes and read details and reviews.

Subscribers can also explore similar titles by clicking “More Like This,” or click to titles from the same cast, genre or mood. More importantly, users can scroll through entire row of titles and selections to find content more quickly.

In a blog post, Johnson said the new website may take up to two weeks to reach all 62 million+ subscribers, with some tweaking required depending on the browser.

“A small number of members on older versions of popular browsers will be prompted to upgrade their browser before they can access the new site,” Johnson wrote.

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