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Multicultural Viewers Driving OTT Video Adoption

24 Jun, 2015 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Millennials, the socio-economic demographic incorporating young adults aged 18-34, apparently are not singularly driving over-the-top video adoptions, according to a new . Add multicultural viewers to the mix.

Horowitz Research found that 88% of urban TV content viewers have the ability to stream video content to a computer, mobile device or television. Among that demo, 45% of black viewers, 46% of Asian viewers, and 51% of Hispanic viewers spend more than 20% of their total TV viewing time watching OTT video, compared with 39% among white viewers.

The New Rochelle, N.Y.-based research firm derived its findings from a January and February consumer survey of 1,994 respondents who described themselves as multicultural heads of households.

“Multicultural consumers have always paved the way for new technology, especially when it comes to television and entertainment,” Adriana Waterston, VP, insights and strategy at Horowitz, said in a statement.

The study revealed that 81% of Asians have mobile video capability and, among OTT users, Asians are more likely to be mobile/computer-only streamers. Hispanics are more likely to have stream-to-TV capability (76%).

Additionally, Hispanic OTT users are more likely to stream to multiple devices: 62% stream to a TV and a mobile device or computer, compared with 57% among total. Three-quarters (73%) of blacks have stream-to-TV capability. Blacks are also more likely to have a connected gaming console (53%).

Waterston said OTT video is shifting expectations around the user experience of television, including personalized recommendations and on-demand content on any platform.

“Video providers need to understand the sophisticated consumption habits of multicultural viewers, who have already made streaming a core part of their viewing lifestyles, to inform future content and distribution strategies,” she said.

The report should be welcome news to RLJ Entertainment, which recently launched the Urban Movie Channel — a $5 monthly SVOD service offering comedy, drama, horror and documentaries.

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