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Majority of U.S. Households Have SVOD

1 Aug, 2016 By: Erik Gruenwedel

With Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video collectively generating tens of millions of subscribers, it’s safe to assume most domestic households subscribe to one or more of the services.

And indeed, new data based on a survey of 1,209 households nationwide from Leichtman Research Group found that 59% of households have at least one SVOD service, compared with 47% in 2014.

That percentage skyrockets among households without traditional premium television to 70% — and up to 82% among homes with broadband.

Other findings include 47% of households have more than one SVOD service. Almost 20% of Netflix subs admitted to sharing their account outside the home; 49% of respondents use SVOD at least once a month. That percentage reaches 73% among 18-34 age demo.

On a daily basis, 41% of adults watch video on non-TV devices (including home computers, mobile phones, iPads, tablets, and e-readers), and 62% weekly — up from 27% daily, and 53% weekly three years ago, according to Leichtman.

“SVOD services … have become core components in allowing pay-TV non-subscribers to cobble together a variety of viewing options,” analyst Bruce Leichtman, said in a statement. "On a daily basis, 49% of all non [pay-TV] subscribers with a TV stream an SVOD service, compared to 19% of pay-TV subscribers."

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