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FandangoNow Offers Discount on Rotten Tomatoes' '200 Essential Movies to Watch Now'

15 Aug, 2017 By: Stephanie Prange

On-demand video service FandangoNow is offering a 20% discount on any rental or purchase of classic and contemporary films available from a list provided by Fandango’s movie rating service Rotten Tomotoes.

The “Rotten Tomatoes’ 200 Essential Movies to Watch Now” list includes 200 films hand picked by Rotten Tomatoes editors from “Certified Fresh” titles (scoring 75% on the Tomatometer and above) and ranges from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927) to Jordan Peele’s Get Out (2017).

FandangoNow offers more than 50,000 new-release and catalog movies, as well as next-day TV shows to buy or rent.

“We are obsessed with movies so a lot of love went into creating this list,” said Rotten Tomatoes editor Alex Vo. “It was important to us to find best-in-category films covering a wide range of genres, diversity in casts and subject matter, including coming of age stories. Above all, we wanted this list to present a fun challenge where people can share the Rotten Tomatoes '200 Essentials' list with others, check off which classics they've seen, and discover great new movies with friends and family.”

The top 25 movies on Rotten Tomatoes’ “200 Essential Films to Watch Now” list are:

1. The Wizard of Oz (1939)
2. Citizen Kane (1941)
3. The Third Man (1949)
4. Get Out (2017)
5. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)
6. All About Eve (1950)
7. Inside Out (2015)
8. The Godfather (1972)
9. Metropolis (1927)
10. E.T. — The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
11. It Happened One Night (1934)
12. Singin' in the Rain (1952)
13. Casablanca (1942)
14. Moonlight (2016)
15. A Hard Day's Night (1964)
16. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
17. North by Northwest (1959)
18. The Maltese Falcon (1941)
19. King Kong (1933)
20. Sunset Boulevard (1950)
21. The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
22. Psycho (1960)
23. Selma (2014)
24. Rear Window (1954)
25. Taxi Driver (1976)

The full list is available at .


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