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Unforgiveable DVD Review

3 Nov, 2012 By: Angelique Flores

Prebook 11/6/12; Street 12/4/12
$27.99 DVD
Not rated.
In French with English subtitles.
Stars André Dussolier, Carole Bouquet.

As the saying goes, you always hurt the ones you love. And much of that happens in the French drama Unforgivable.

Successful writer Francis proposes to model-turned-real estate agent Judith. They have just met while she is helping him find a place to live where he can write his next book, and surprisingly, she accepts his proposal. Much older than her, he couldn’t be happier in his new home with his new wife.

Problems arise when his grown daughter, Alice, arrives with her daughter, Vicky. She at first despises Judith and tells her of her father’s previous playboy days just to hurt her.

Alice is an unstable actress drawn to a wealthy drug dealer, Alvise, with whom she runs away, leaving Vicky with Francis.

To track her down, Francis hires Anna Maria, a private investigator who was a former girlfriend of Judith.

As Francis learns that Judith has had many other past lovers, including possibly Alvise, his jealousy and insecurity grows. He then hires Anna Maria’s son, Jérémie, to follow Judith. Young Jérémie has just been released from prison and hadn’t seen Judith since he was a child. Soon enough, Judith figures out she’s being followed and ends up having sex with the young man, partially to get back at Francis.

The beautiful Carole Bouquet, playing Judith, is quite believable as a former model, since she was one in real life and also was a Bond girl (For Your Eyes Only). It’s easy to see how everyone falls for her sweet character, much to their own torment.

Per usual of director André Téchiné, the film looks at complex human emotions and relationships without getting sappy or judgmental. The film’s narrative moves along nicely, developing interesting portraits to each of these flawed but sympathetic characters. Like much of foreign arthouse cinema, there’s no climax, but there is some resolution in the end. In fact, the title is a bit misleading as it seems that everyone is forgiven for his or her hurtful mistakes.

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