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Fritz Friedman: A True Class Act

26 Jun, 2014 By: Stephanie Prange

Fritz Friedman

This month’s news that longtime Sony Pictures publicist Fritz Friedman would be leaving the company at the end of the summer called to mind how many times I have depended on Fritz’s unerring class and expertise in this industry.

One of my first contacts when I joined the magazine 20 years ago, Fritz helped me navigate the changing home entertainment landscape with sage advice, praise, and polite, constructive criticism — always delivered with the utmost poise. While publicists and journalists don’t always see eye to eye, I could always count on Fritz to treat me with respect and kindness, both personally and professionally.

During his 34-year career at the studio (which spans most of this 35-year-old magazine’s existence — and indeed the home entertainment industry’s), Fritz has been a welcome fixture as the business changed. Whenever I attended an industry event, I looked for his familiar presence. He was always dapperly dressed and often had a gleeful smile on his face; it was apparent he loved this industry and the people in it. Whether at the yearly VSDA show (since transformed into the Los Angeles Entertainment Summit), the annual Wine & Wisdom event, the Hall of Fame, San Diego Comic-Con International or any of the many expertly choreographed Sony events, I relished catching up with Fritz and getting his take on the happenings in the industry.

I’ve often referred to the home entertainment industry as a small town in which everyone knows each other very well. Expanding on that metaphor, I would say that Fritz is one of our honorary mayors. The students at the University of Southern California, where he is a lecturer, couldn’t ask for a better guide to publicity and Hollywood. I can attest that he is a great teacher. His instruction has been invaluable in my career as an entertainment journalist.

If the home entertainment industry were to have a town meeting, I’m sure we would bestow upon him some sort of honorarium or medal.  Thank you Fritz. You are a true class act.

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