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Bluetopia: The L.A. Dodgers Movie (DVD Review)

2 Jun, 2009 By: John Latchem


Painting the Town Blue

Baseball more than any other sport connects the generations, and one of the few teams with a fan base that reaches back across the decades is the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Bluetopia: The L.A. Dodgers Movie is a celebration of that legacy, and a perfect profile of the role baseball plays in the lives of its fans.

The film takes a look at the fan experience during the 2008 season, the 50th anniversary of the franchise’s move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. The stories here are both funny and poignant, mirroring the ups and downs of the Dodgers’ season.

The DVD, available from Magnolia at $19.98, also takes the time to include several Dodgers legends, none more important than Vin Scully.

Though the ending is bittersweet, the DVD also reminds us of the age-old rallying cry that makes sports so timeless: “Just wait ‘til next year.”


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