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Sony, Cinequest Launch 4K Film Festival; Rovi Supports 4K Film

28 Feb, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

'Dr. Strangelove'

Sony Pictures is using the Cinequest Film Festival, running through March 10 in Silicon Valley, Calif., to hold the first-ever 4K Film Festival, with plans to show three films in the ultra-high-def format.

4K, or Ultra HD, denotes a screen resolution of 3840x2160, four times the resolution of the 1920x1080 HDTV sets on the market today. Sony has more than a dozen films mastered in 4K, and starting this spring Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release Blu-ray Discs mastered in 4K.

Lawrence of Arabia (March 2), Taxi Driver (March 6) and Dr. Strangelove (March 9) have undergone 4K digital restorations and will be shown during the festival. Sony plans on holding 4K discussions and adding more 4K films for the 2014 festival.

“Sony is pleased to team up with Cinequest to deliver a true 4K immersive experience to attendees, which reflects on Sony’s innovation in entertainment and delivering amazing emotional experiences,” said Phil Molyneux, president of Sony Electronics.

Cinequest will award the Maverick Spirit Award to him and Chris Cookson, president of Sony Pictures Technologies, during this year’s event. Harrison Ford, Chuck Palahniuk and Salman Rushdie are also receiving the award this year.

“Sony is at the cutting edge of 4K technology and the only company capable of providing full 4K scene to screen solutions,” Cinequest said in a statement.

In other 4K news, Rovi Corp. announced it would sponsor the 4K production of the Blender Foundation film Tears of Steel, scheduled for release in April.

“Rovi is thrilled to be sponsoring the Blender Foundation’s Tears of Steel, which is an innovative project utilizing the latest video technologies,” said Ray DeRenzo, SVP of marketing for Rovi. “4K represents a major step up from HD video. With compression standards like HEVC, Ultra HD and 4K video is now within reach. We applaud Blender Foundation for supporting projects that are raising the bar in digital entertainment."

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