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Sony Gets Salon-goers Dolled Up for 'Austenland'

12 Feb, 2014 By: Stephanie Prange

How do you celebrate a film about a writer of classic romances?

Get dolled up, of course!

Salon-goers got some pampering at Frederic Fekkai Salon in Los Angeles Feb. 11 just before Valentine’s Day to celebrate Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Blu-ray and DVD release of Austenland.

Austenland, starring Keri Russell, follows a young woman so obsessed with Jane Austen’s novels that she signs up for a vacation at a theme park that provides an immersive experience of the world that Austen’s characters inhabited.

“If Austenland existed, it would be wonderful to go,” said associate producer Meghan Hibbett, adding that the movie offers just the kind of romance Austen fangirls like. Friend Stephenie Meyer, author of the romantic “Twilight” series of books, also has a producing credit on the film.

Ricky Whittle, who plays Captain East, said the film has appeal to men as well.

“There’s plenty of comic relief for the guys,” he said, noting that the cast ad-libbed quite a bit. He said he attended the screening with five of his guy friends who “couldn’t stop laughing.”

“It’s not just your average chick flick,” he said.

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