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My DVDs Will Never Let Me Down

10 Jan, 2012 By: Angelique Flores

After taking an inspiring yoga class with Tamal Dodge a couple months ago (read about it here), I wanted to try other classes but closer to home in Long Beach.

With perfect timing, a nearby gym was offering an online special for 20 classes, which included yoga. I bought it and finally decided to try it out last night. However, upon arrival I was informed the yoga classes had been canceled, but I could take some kickboxing classes the next day.

Needless to say, that news pushed me out of my Zen mood, and I was ready to kickbox someone’s ass right about then. Still wanting to do yoga — and in dire need of some calming meditation — I headed back home confident that my DVD collection would not let me down.

I popped in one of my new DVDs, Deepak Chopra & Tara Stiles — Yoga Transformation: Weight Loss and Balance, just released by Lionsgate.

Classes schmasses. This DVD was just what I needed: a wonderful 50-minute yoga workout with Tara and a pep talk from Deepak. In addition to the invigorating workout, what I love about this DVD are the special features. There are six different featurettes with Deepak explaining various aspects of yoga, mediation and just plain good things to know in life. There’s also a 15-minute meditation practice, of which I couldn’t get past five minutes sitting still. But each time I play this DVD, I’ll have something toward which to work, as well as some inspiring words from Deepak.  

I think I’ll still try those kickboxing classes, but when it comes to yoga, I’ll do just fine with my two DVDs from Tara and Deepak.   

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