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Dead Tone (DVD Review)

6 Feb, 2010 By: John Latchem

Street 2/9/10
Screen Media
$24.98 DVD
Rated ‘R’ for pervasive strong bloody violence, language, sexual content and some drug use.
Stars Brian Hooks, Rutger Hauer, Jonathan Chase, Jud Tylor, Denyce Lawton, Cherie Johnson, Aimee Garcia.

Dead Tone is a presentation of something called “Nite Tales,” which, according to the Internet, is an anthology horror series hosted by Flavor Flav. This wannabe urban “Tales From the Crypt” started with Nite Tales: The Movie, which led to a six-episode series and now yields Dead Tone (formerly known as 7eventy 5ive), which is co-directed by the director of the first movie.

The title alludes to prank telephone calls made by some of the characters, college students who play a game that requires keeping the mark on the line for 75 seconds. The crew heads to a remote mansion to celebrate the end of finals and find themselves hunted by an axe-wielding psycho who apparently didn’t take too kindly to their joking around.

Throw in Rutger Hauer as a detective tracking the murderer and you get a package any genre fan can appreciate.

The movie has almost as many fake-out scares as it does kills, which could make some viewers feel overly manipulated. It’s basically a throwback to slasher movies of old, so the only thing that really matters is how creative the attacks get. And since the movie is mostly a hybrid of Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, with a little Sliver thrown in for good measure, originality is not its strong suit. But Dead Tone is gory enough and the girls hot enough to give most horror fans a few cheap thrills.

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