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Roku Bows (Limited) Search Function

29 Oct, 2012 By: Erik Gruenwedel


Streaming media device manufacturer Roku Oct. 29 said it is making available a search feature that allows users to find TV shows and movies available on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Hulu Plus, Crackle and HBO Go, according to a blog post from Tom Markworth, director of product management with Saratoga, Calif.-based Roku.

Dubbed “Roku Search,” the function is available on the Roku LT, Roku HD and Roku 2 players allowing users to find which of the aforementioned transactional VOD and subscription VOD services carry the content they wish to watch.

An onscreen interface allows users to type in a title’s name, which can also be done via synced Apple phone or Android smartphone. Roku Search can search nearly 130,000 movies and TV episodes and almost 100,000 actors and directors.

“We’ll automatically push a free update including search to supported players over the next week,” Markworth wrote.

Roku, which helped launch the SVOD market with a Netflix branded media player in 2008, remains a leader in a crowding market featuring Apple TV, Google TV and Xbox 360, among others.

Earlier this year, News Corp. gave Roku a $45 million investment. The company is also launching the Roku Streaming Stick — a wireless, dongle-sized streaming device that integrates with newer TVs and consumer electronics devices. The streaming stick is Roku’s first step in expanding its platform from streaming players to Smart TVs and other devices connected to the TV.

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