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Nielsen Reports Decline in U.S. TV Homes

4 May, 2011 By: Chris Tribbey


For the first time since 1992 there will be a year-over-year decline in the number of American households with a TV set, according to a new report from The Nielsen Co.

The research firm’s report found that by 2012, there will be an estimated 114.7 million U.S. homes with a TV set, down from 115.9 million this year. The 2012 count takes into account an aging population making do without a TV set.

Those numbers would mean 96.7% of American homes will have a working TV by next year, compared with 98.9% this year.

Part of the downward trend may be attributable to economics, with a lingering recession forcing belt-tightening among consumers, especially among lower-income, rural areas.

Also, with consumers watching content on mobile and PC devices, many younger people especially are going without a TV subscription, and have little need for a new television.

“Some consumers are clearly being driven by the economy to make choices on the media devices they purchase” said Pat McDonough, SVP of insights and analysis for Nielsen. “Others are expanding their equipment to add more audio/video devices to their home. Still others may be deferring a TV purchase or replacing their TV with a computer.”

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