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‘Law Abiding Citizen’ Holds Top Spots

3 Mar, 2010 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Law Abiding Citizen

Even with five new moderately successful features debuting on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, Anchor Bay’s Law Abiding Citizen held firm on the top of all three national home video charts for the week ended Feb. 28.

Indeed, demand for the Overture Films crime drama remained so strong that rental action slipped just 17% in the film’s second week of release, enough for it to remain in the No. 1 spot on Home Media Magazine’s video rental chart for the second consecutive week.

Warner’s The Informant!, at $33.3 million the most successful box office performer of the five newcomers, debuted at No. 4 on the rental chart, with just 50.4% as many rental transactions as Law Abiding Citizen.

On the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert sales chart, it was a similar story. Law Abiding Citizen remained at No. 1 for the second consecutive week, while The Informant! debuted at No. 3, selling just 37.6% as many units its first week in stores as the Anchor Bay release did in its second week of release.

A direct-to-video title from Warner, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, an animated superhero tale based on the DC comic books, finished second on the sales chart.

On the Nielsen VideoScan Blu-ray Disc sales chart, Law Abiding Citizen also finished on top for the second consecutive week, as the percentage of sales that came from the Blu-ray Disc version rose to 41% from 28% in week one.

Justice League finished third on the Blu-ray Disc chart, while The Informant! debuted at No. 10.

Other theatrical films released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc last week were The Box ($15 million), a creepy horror film from Warner; Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant ($13.9 million), from Universal Studios; the Summit Entertainment horror film Sorority Row ($12 million); and the Walt Disney/Miramax drama Everybody’s Fine ($9.2 million).

Of those, The Box fared best on the sales front, debuting at No. 4 on First Alert, while Vampire’s Assistant out-rented the competition, bowing at No. 6 on Home Media Magazine’s rental chart.

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