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Free Enterprise: Five-Year Mission Extended Edition (DVD Review)

9 Mar, 2006 By: John Latchem

Free Enterprise

‘Swingers' For Geeks

According to the creators of Free Enterprise, William Shatner's success with Priceline.com and as Denny Crane on “Boston Legal” can be traced to his appearance in their 1999 cult hit, which features young movie-industry wannabes dealing with life while expressing themselves in quotes from classic sci-fi movies and living out every geek's fantasy of finding a hot girlfriend in a comic-book store.

A new, two-disc “Five-Year Mission Extended Edition” DVD ($19.98) of the film hit shelves March 7 from Anchor Bay and features two commentaries, a behind-the-scenes program, deleted scenes, trailers, screen tests and a music video.

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