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'Darkness' Director Hopes Viewers are Surprised

28 Dec, 2010 By: Chris Tribbey

And Soon the Darkness stars Odette Yustman (left) and Amber Heard with the film’s director, Marcos E

A director has to strike a delicate balance when remaking a film. You want to stay true to the original vision, but you also want your remake to be fresh, relevant and able to stand on its own.

And Soon the Darkness director Marcos Efron thinks he succeeded.

“There were a couple things I really loved about the original, and it was important to stay true to it — don’t add aliens or anything,” he said of the 1970 British original thriller. “But the original was a really slow burn.”

Enter the 2010 version of And Soon the Darkness, out on DVD ($26.98) and Blu-ray Disc ($34.99) Dec. 28 from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

The original premise remains: Two attractive women biking in a rural setting have a falling out, and by the time one decides to make peace, the other has gone missing, with the suggestion of foul play. In both films, the girl’s frantic search for her friend is hampered by a lack of allies and aided by someone who may or may not be trustworthy. But 2010’s version sees American girls instead of British, the location moved from France to Argentina, and a faster, tenser story.

“It’s not what [viewers] are expecting,” Efron said. “It’s a film about suspense, atmosphere and situation, and less about gore. I think people will be surprised.”

Efron had praise for everyone involved with the film — including Karl Urban (Star Trek, The Bourne Supremacy) as creepy American ex-pat Michael — but he held his highest regard for Heard (Zombieland, Pineapple Express), who also co-produced.

“For as young as she is (24), she’s just incredibly smart and capable,” he said. “I just dig her.”

Bonus features for the releases include deleted scenes, a “Director’s Video Diary” featuring behind-the-scenes footage, and an audio commentary with Efron, editor Todd Miller and director of photography Gabriel Beristain.

“Go to the video diaries,” Efron suggested to viewers. “We had a couple guys recording everything.”

As for the Blu-ray picture: “It’s going to look awesome.”

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