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Comic-Con On DVD

1 Aug, 2008 By: HM Editorial Staff

San Diego Comic-Con Intertnational 2008 wrapped July 27 with several tidbits about upcoming discs.

  • During the Entertainment Weekly Visionaries panel, Judd Apatow, Kevin Smith, Zach Snyder and Frank Miller had some DVD news to share.

Topping the list was Snyder's plan for the DVD versions of his 2009 film Watchmen. A comic set in the Watchmen universe, Tales of the Black Freighter, will be made into a separate animation going direct-to-DVD, Snyder said, and he wants to try something unique when Watchmen finally makes it to DVD.

“Gerry Butler (300) recorded the voice of the sea captain, and he did a great job,” Snyder said. “We're releasing that as a separate DVD, then we'll be putting out an ultimate Watchmen DVD, in which we'll weave Tales of the Black Freighter into the movie.”

Regarding Web distribution, as director Joss Whedon did with the three-part comedy “Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog,” panelists said they were open.

“I think any way you can get it out there, you should use [it],” Miller said. “You find the way that fits you best and the censors haven't discovered yet, and you can cause as much trouble as you can.”

“I haven't seen [‘Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog,']” Smith said. “But I'm all for direct-to-online.”

  • The panelists for Dead Space said they feel like they have a unique product.

Due just before Halloween from Anchor Bay Entertainment, Dead Space, due Oct. 28, is an original animated, direct-to-disc film that acts as a bridge between a series from Image Comics, and an Oct. 21 video game of the same name from Electronic Arts.

“There's a huge amount of backstory the fans will find in the comics and movie when they play the video game,” said game producer Chuck Beaver. The setting in the movie and video game are identical, the panelists shared.

  • Director and founder of Troma Entertainment Lloyd Kaufman has a solid fan base. His company's panel at Comic-Con was packed.

“He is the symbol of independents,” said Stephen Paul, who produced Ghost Rider. “He is the most generous person I've met.”

Kaufman shared clips for his latest film, Poultrygeist, a schlock horror offering in which chickens strike back at mankind, due on DVD Oct. 28. The film's star, Allyson Serebof, said Kaufman worked hard on the special features.

“Everything had to be captured behind the scenes,” she said. “Lloyd wanted that camera everywhere.”

  • During the “Futurama” panel, executive producer David X. Cohen noted that the fourth direct-to-disc movie based on the show will be “revisting” the romance between Fry and Leela and that Snoop Dogg will play the Chief Justice. <./li>
  • At a “Tiny Toons”/”Freakazoid” panel, producers, writers and voice talent reminisced about the Steven Spielberg-produced cartoons, which hit disc from Warner Home Video July 29. Panelists talked about the freedom they were given, albeit with skilled input from Spielberg.


  • Voice talent (now grown up) reminisced about their participation as children in the “Peanuts” cartoons. Warner Home Video releases a boxed set of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown; A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving; and A Charlie Brown Christmas Sept. 23 (prebook Aug. 19) at $44.76.


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