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Comedian Reveals 'What Happens in Vegas'

2 Aug, 2008 By: Lana Chichakly

What Happens In Vegas stars Rob Corddry, Ashton Kutcher and Zach Galifianakis.

What Happens in Vegas kept audiences laughing at the U.S. box office this summer, bringing in $79.6 million, and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is bringing it to DVD and Blu-ray Disc Aug. 26.

The two-disc What Happens in Vegas: Jackpot Edition DVD ($34.98) and Blu-ray ($39.98) offer two hours of bonus material and a digital copy. A single-DVD edition also will be available at $29.98.

Extras on the “Jackpot” edition and Blu-ray include a commentary track, gag reel, a “Marley and Me” featurette, a featurette with stars Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, the “From the Law Firm of Stephen J. Hader, Esq.” featurette and “DVD Extra Time with Zach Galifianakis.” The Blu-ray edition also offers seven deleted and extended scenes and “Bottoms Up! An Intoxicating Vegas Experience.”

Galifianakis, from “Comedians of Comedy,” plays “Dave the Bear,” the anti-marriage best friend alongside Kutcher, who plays the man who marries Diaz's character after a night of drunken debauchery. Galifianakis said working with Kutcher was “rewarding.”

“He's very good looking,” Galifianakis quipped. “He made it hard to concentrate. I didn't even notice Cameron.”

Galifianakis also added that Kutcher laid off the “punking” on set.

“There was no pranking,” Galifianakis said. “He was actually very professional.”

Galifianakis is fresh off the “Comedians of Comedy” tour. He said having the tour sponsored by Netflix was comedian Patton Oswalt's idea.

“He asked me to do it, and we did a trial run with Netflix, just a low-budget performance and gave it to them,” Galifianakis said. “They liked it and agreed to do a bigger version.” Galifianakis jokingly added the rest of the comedians on the tour are “all nerds.”

“We're not serious about life and things,” Galifianakis said. “We see the world through a comedic lens.”

Galifianakis just finished filming Youth in Revolt, a comedy about a boy who tries to lose his virginity to his crush, starring Michael Cera. Galifianakis plays the mother's boyfriend, who is 20 years younger than she.

Meanwhile The Comedians of Comedy is available on DVD from Image Entertainment. The Comedians of Comedy: Live at The El Rey is available from Anchor Bay Entertainment, and Zach Galifianakis: Live at the Purple Onion is out from Shout! Factory.

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