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A&E Offers 'Biography' DVDs on McCain, Obama

2 Aug, 2008 By: John Latchem

With America's presidential campaign in full swing, A&E Home Video is releasing two DVDs to help voters better know the candidates: Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama.

Biography: John McCain and Biography: Barack Obama street Aug. 5 at $12.95 each. The hour-long programs are taken from A&E's “Biography” series, which is now the flagship show of its own channel, Bio.

“People have a concept of ‘Biography' being fair and impartial,” said Kate Winn, VP of sales and marketing for A&E Home Video. “There really isn't another resource like ‘Biography' that presents their service as public servants in the context of their background. We know them through the news, but you get to know them as people through ‘Biography.’

The programs have been updated for the DVD to include information about the presidential campaigns. The release date is timed with the upcoming national convention for each political party. The Democrats gather Aug. 25 in Denver, and the Republicans meet a week later in Minnesota.

“We don't do a lot of releases for ‘Biography,’ Winn said. “It's usually only for important events such as this. We don't often have the opportunity to pull something like this that appeals to the masses.”

Winn said sales for many titles related to American history and politics are surging, including several years-old History Channel DVDs about the presidency.

“People are seeking out this subject matter,” Winn said. “This campaign is really capturing the attention of the country.”

The campaign also has garnered interest abroad.

“As much interest as there is in this country, there is a lot of interest overseas to license this content,” Winn said. “There's a lot of curiosity about whoever our next president is.”

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