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Randy Couture Takes the Lead in 'Scorpion King 2'

14 Aug, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

Actor and UFC champion Randy Couture with Glenn Ross, GM and EVP of family productions for Universal Studios Home Entertainment,

While no stranger to acting, five-time Ultimate Fighting Championship Randy Couture has his first starring role showing up Aug. 19 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in Universal Studios Home Entertainment's The Scorpion King 2: Rise of the Warrior. Couture took a few minutes to chat about the movie and the DVD.

  • HM: What was it like to join this franchise? Universal is calling it one of its biggest direct-to-DVD releases ever.


  • Couture: It was a thrill to be a part of such a popular series and it gave me the chance to take on my first lead role in a film. I think fans of The Scorpion King will be happy with this production.


  • HM: And had you already seen the first movie, and the “Mummy” films, or did you have to do some research beforehand?


  • Couture: I was familiar with the “Mummy” films and everyone remembers Dwayne Johnson as the first Scorpion King. However, since I play a nasty villain in this film, I had a chance to create a completely original character.


  • HM: Was there anyone you worked with that you can single out? Someone who you'll look back years from now and say, “He/She was really cool to make a movie with.”


  • Couture: The cast members were all great and very talented. Karen David and Simon Quarterman were very funny on the set and Michael Copon was very committed to making the fight stunts look very authentic. I think everyone's hard work shows on the screen.


  • HM: On the special edition of this DVD, you have your own one-on-one bonus feature. What was it like doing the bonuses for the DVD?


  • Couture: It was a new experience but not unlike doing interviews that I've done over the years as a professional MMA fighter. You just have to be honest and straightforward. I think sharing some of the background about making this film adds a lot to the viewing enjoyment.


  • HM: Do you have a big DVD collection? What about Blu-ray Disc? Do you have all your own DVDs to remind you of your acting career?


  • Couture: I do have a pretty healthy DVD collection but haven't gotten to getting a Blu-ray player just yet. I would say that part of the reason for me to watch myself on DVD is to learn how I can improve the next time, the same way I learned from watching footage from my fights.


  • HM: If they invite you back for a third Scorpion film, would you do it? Or would it interfere with everything else you've got going on?


  • Couture: If it's a good script and the timing worked out, I would do it in a heartbeat. The experience I had with making The Scorpion King 2 was such a positive experience.


  • HM: Evil king in the second “Scorpion King” movie, five total UFC championships, and pretty much every acting gig is hardcore action. Will this line of work be your forte for the rest of your career, or is there a chance of a romance, drama or comedy down the line?


  • Couture: I've enjoyed playing all the roles I've been cast. Acting is still something I'm learning and working on to improve. I've been really blessed to have the opportunities to work with some really amazing people. As for doing other types of roles, I always welcome a challenge, so who knows? It's all about doing the best job one can do.


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