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Women in Home Entertainment 2011

14 Nov, 2011 By: HM Editorial Staff

Welcome to Home Media Magazine’s fourth annual salute to the women of home entertainment. Once again, we have singled out the top executives as well as some of the up-and-comers among the rosters. We begin with the top executives, EVP and up. Then we list SVPs and other executives according to studio, with sections on the top female executives on the independent supplier and retail sides of the business as well as in public relations. This year we also have included a group of women who have been responsible for disc production, packaging, and testing and certification. The result, we hope, shows the important role women play in the home entertainment industry.  — Compiled by HM Staff

LORI MacPHERSON, EVP, global product management, The Walt Disney Studios
MacPherson  has broadened her duties to include responsibility for the product lifecycle of all Disney studio content, leveraging her extensive consumer knowledge to develop new products and business models that capitalize on emerging consumer trends and technologies. In this role, Macpherson is responsible for product development, windowing strategy and business development on behalf of the studio distribution team. Her portfolio includes all Disney, Pixar, Marvel and DreamWorks Studios filmed entertainment properties across all windows, formats (both physical and digital) and business models. During her 20-year career, MacPherson has spearheaded the cross-window product strategy for Disney’s highly successful, integrated theatrical to 3D Blu-ray Disc release of The Lion King. In addition, she launched the studio’s first high-definition, in-home window in support of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. She continues to be instrumental in creating new channel sources of revenue for the company within the emerging digital distribution space, leading the business development of Disney Studio All Access as well as the company’s international Disney Mobile Movies service. In her previous post as EVP and GM for Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, MacPherson played a key role in the introduction and growth of Blu-ray as the next-generation home entertainment format and led her team to record-setting performances on numerous movie titles. MacPherson is a graduate of Pomona College with a bachelor’s degree in French Literature and was the recipient of a prestigious Fulbright award.

• LEXINE WONG, Senior EVP, worldwide marketing, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
With more than 200 titles released each year by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, heading worldwide marketing for every one may seem like a daunting task. Not to Lexine Wong. The senior EVP of worldwide marketing oversees Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s marketing team covering DVD, Blu-ray Disc and digital distribution in 50 countries, with annual revenue of nearly $2 billion. Reporting to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment worldwide president David Bishop, Wong is charged with developing and implementing global marketing strategies for every studio home entertainment title. She has a hand in worldwide programming, creative, online, advertising, publicity, promotions, research and marketing production for the creation of bonus materials for DVD and Blu-ray. The home entertainment success of the “Spider-Man” franchise, Casino Royale, The Da Vinci Code, District 9, 2012, “Rescue Me” and “Seinfeld” all can be traced back to Wong’s marketing efforts. Wong also manages marketing for the Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group, having a hand in greenlighting many of the theatrical productions and acquisitions undertaken by the group. The studio also looks to Wong for marketing mobile entertainment, 3D and other new technology initiatives, and she was praised for her marketing work when Sony led the way on getting Blu-ray off the ground. Wong is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and earned her M.B.A. from New York University.

• DARCY ANTONELLIS, President, Warner Bros. Technical Operations
Antonellis directs Warner Bros.’ technology strategy to leverage growth and new business opportunities in media and entertainment innovation. These areas include new production techniques and formats, from 3D to the incorporation of socially based experiences into all aspects of content distribution and assets. Antonellis also oversees the studio’s worldwide antipiracy operations and works closely with Time Warner’s global public policy group in Washington, D.C., on a wide array of issues spanning technology and intellectual property often meeting with senior administration and cabinet members in the White House. Antonellis, who has been with Warner for 13 years, received a master’s degree in finance from Fordham University as well as honors for work in the field of electrical engineering from Temple University.

• THANDA BELKER, EVP, U.S. pay TV, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television
Belker first joined Sony Pictures Television in 2005, and four years later Sony Pictures Home Entertainment called on her skills as well. She’s responsible for hotel and residential PPV and VOD marketing and licensing, along with pay-TV licensing and promotional efforts. Belker is responsible for representing content under the Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Classics, Stage 6, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and other studio labels. Before joining Sony, Belker worked at Buena Vista Television, licensing domestic hotel and residential PPV and VOD. Prior to that she served as director of programming for TeleTV Media.

• ANNETTE BOUSO, EVP, worldwide distribution services, Warner Bros. Technical Operations
Bouso is responsible for the physical and digital delivery of more than 6,600 feature films, 40,000 television titles and 14,000 animated titles dubbed or subtitled in more than 40 languages in 175 countries, including such shows as “TMZ,” “Ellen” and “Extra.” This library is delivered to free broadcasters, cable, satellite, pay-TV, video-on-demand, electronic sellthrough and emerging new technologies, including wireless and Internet. 
Working closely with Warner Bros. Television and Home Entertainment Group, Bouso has been instrumental in evaluating and implementing new distribution procedures and digital supply chain technologies. She has played a critical role in the studio’s transition to digital.
Buoso is active in several youth mentoring organizations and serves on the board of Los Angeles Team Mentoring.

• SUZANNE COLE, EVP, media, Universal Pictures
Cole oversees all strategic activities in print, broadcast, online and outdoor media for more than 20 theatrical features and more than 30 Blu-ray and DVD releases each year.  During her 12-year tenure at Universal, Cole has managed media campaigns for such successful films as Bridesmaids, Despicable Me, Robin Hood, It’s Complicated, Couples Retreat, Public Enemies, American Gangster, Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and United 93, as well as blockbuster franchises such as the “Bourne,” “American Pie” and “The Fast and the Furious” movies. Cole is a graduate of UCLA.

• LAURA COOK, EVP, worldwide legal and business affairs, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Charged with supervising more than a dozen attorneys, paralegals and administrative assistants in Los Angeles and London, as well as outside counsel, Cook is 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s go-to person for worldwide legal and business affairs. Titles from Fox, MGM and Lucasfilm all are vetted by Cook and her team prior to distribution. It was Cook who negotiated the acquisition of distribution rights for MGM titles as well as the “Star Wars” franchise. Prior to her 20-plus years at Fox, Cook owned a restaurant on an island off Florida’s Gulf Coast, worked in First Amendment and appellate litigation for The Miami Herald, The New York Post and other media, and spent a year in France as a Rotary Scholar. A member of the bar association in three states, Cook holds degrees from Stanford and Columbia universities.

• MARY DAILY, EVP, marketing, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Daily is charged with brand marketing, public relations, promotions, creative development, and event, online and retail marketing for all home entertainment products distributed by her division. She’s been a key player in Fox’s campaigns for titles emphasizing digital copy and
BD-Live. Daily is credited with helping launch Fox’s Live Lookup, a BD-Live feature linking to IMDb.com, as well as Fox’s BD-Live portal. Her work in 2010 had a hand in making the Blu-ray release of Avatar the No. 1 high-def title of all time. And in 2011 she helped steer Star Wars: The Complete Saga into the No. 1 Blu-ray pre-order and catalog title slot of all-time, in terms of revenue, as well as the Blu-ray campaigns for Alien Anthology, Fight Club, The Sound of Music, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Quantum of Solace. Earlier in her career, Daily spent nine years at Fox’s London office. She’s credited with pioneering the concept of sellthrough for TV on VHS and DVD. Before joining the Fox team, Daily worked at MTV Networks International and at Universal Pictures International. Daily holds a post graduate degree in international business studies from Napier University in Edinburgh, as well as a double master’s in philosophy and modern languages from the University of Glasgow.

• EVA SEMPLE DAVIS, EVP and GM, Warner Premiere
Semple oversees Warner Bros.’ direct-to-consumer production group, which produces live-action and animated films, episodic series for the digital space, and Warner Home Entertainment worldwide acquisitions. She has produced franchise-based movies, such as Scooby Doo: Curse of the Lake Monster and A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song. In production now is Thunderstruck, a family film starring NBA sensation Kevin Durant. Davis launched groundbreaking high-quality digital series, in collaboration with WB Digital Distribution, such as Mortal Kombat: Legacy, which has achieved more than 50 million views, and the “social series” “Aim High” on Cambio and Facebook. Davis joined Warner Bros. in 2004, launching a then-new ethnic marketing group to acquire home video content targeted at diverse consumers. She earned a bachelor’s degree in international relations and economics and an M.B.A. from Stanford University.

• WENDY FERREN, EVP and GM, Paramount International Home Media Distribution
Ferren recently was promoted to EVP and GM of International for Paramount’s newly created Home Media Distribution division. She is responsible for the distribution of Paramount product to home entertainment, television and digital media outlets globally, including DVD, electronic sellthrough, transactional VOD, pay-TV networks, subscription video-on-demand services, and free and basic cable television networks. Ferren also sits on the boards of Paramount’s equity ownership channels: Telecine (Brazil), LAP-TV (pan-regional LatAm), HBO Asia and Showtime (Australia). Ferren joined Paramount Pictures in February 2006. Prior to the creation of her current division in September, Ferren was EVP of Paramount Television and Digital Distribution, overseeing sales and distribution of Paramount Pictures product to television and digital media outlets globally. Before joining Paramount, Ferren worked at DreamWorks SKG. She holds a B.A. in public relations from the University of Southern California.

• HILARY HOFFMAN, EVP, marketing, Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Hoffman is responsible for marketing, business strategy and planning of Universal Studios Home Entertainment’s product and its distributed lines across new release, catalog and TV properties. She oversees strategic direction and ensures plans, tactics and materials align to maximize DVD revenue. Hoffman also oversees all facets of the company’s video-on-demand marketing. During her 17-year tenure at Universal, Hoffman has overseen the campaigns for some of Universal’s biggest revenue-generating releases and has been a driving force behind Universal’s entree into Blu-ray Disc. She also spearheaded the elevation of the BD-Live connected experience, shepherding in such groundbreaking consumer initiatives as Universal’s exclusive PocketBLU mobile application and value-added film streaming and rental offerings via the company’s BD-Live portal. Prior to joining Universal, Hoffman worked in marketing at Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

• MARY KINCAID, EVP, worldwide marketing services, Paramount Home Entertainment
Kincaid brings more than 25 years of experience to the studio. She is responsible for overseeing all publicity and advertising campaigns, media plans, promotions and research covering the division’s international territories. Previously she was head of domestic marketing for DreamWorks Home Entertainment. Kincaid started her video career with Buena Vista Home Entertainment, helping usher in that studio’s sellthrough business as part of the senior management team. She’s credited with developing some of the earliest international home entertainment usage studies that to this day are still used worldwide. Also while at Buena Vista, Kincaid was responsible for getting the Disney Movie Club off the ground. An Illinois native, Kincaid earned a B.A. in English from Barat College north of Chicago, and an M.B.A. from Dominican University in California.

• JANICE MARINELLI, President, Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Marinelli oversees the distribution and licensing of the studio’s current film releases and library titles across all windows following their theatrical release, including video/retail, electronic sellthrough, video-on-demand (residential and hotel), subscription video-on-demand, pay-TV, basic cable and broadcast television. A 26-year veteran at Disney, Marinelli also oversees the company’s rapidly growing VOD and SVOD businesses, negotiating key movie output deals with a wide range of distributors and platforms, including cable, satellite TV, telcos and digital providers. On the SVOD front, Disney-ABC TV launched the studio’s new entertainment service, Disney Family Movies. With Marinelli at the helm, Disney-ABC TV also recently brokered a second licensing agreement with Netflix. A native of New York, Marinelli is a graduate of St. John’s University. 

• MARY McLAREN, EVP/COO, international theatrical and home entertainment operations, 20th Century Fox International
A 27-year Fox veteran, McLaren provides leadership to both studio divisions and overseeing Fox’s international post-production team and the administration of Fox’s 35 distribution offices around the world. McLaren also plays a leading role in driving Fox’s strategic agenda on key international growth initiatives, including expansion into local film production, establishing and building the studio’s presence in emerging markets, and managing third-party acquisition relationships, including Fox’s global business partnerships with Lucasfilm and MGM. Previously McLaren was EVP of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Before that, McLaren acted as director of finance for the International Home Entertainment group. McLaren began her entertainment industry career with CBS/Fox Video in 1984, after graduating from the University of Michigan. Five years later she became manager of CBS/Fox’s royalty division. In 1991 she joined the Fox International unit as director of finance, home entertainment, and was named VP of finance and operations in 1995.

• MARGUERITE PACACHA, EVP, business affairs and legal, Paramount Home Entertainment
Paramount Home Entertainment looks to Pacacha to manage business and legal affairs covering every sector, including sales and distribution, operations, co-productions, marketing and acquisitions. First joining Paramount in 2000 as VP of business affairs and business development for pay-TV and home entertainment, Pacacha was elevated to SVP of business affairs and legal for the domestic home entertainment division. She was named to her current EVP position in late 2008. Before joining the studio, Pacacha held executive positions with Republic Entertainment Inc. and Spelling Entertainment Group. She’s also served as general counsel and director of business for Best Film and Video Corp. A member of the bar association in both California and New York, Pacacha received a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and a J.D. from St. John’s University.

• ANNE PARDUCCI, EVP, family and home entertainment marketing, Lionsgate
Parducci oversees strategic marketing, brand management, licensing and creative direction for all packaged and digital product. She joined Lionsgate in 2004.  She is responsible for the Family Entertainment division, including production, strategic marketing, brand management and content acquisition for home entertainment. Under her direction, Lionsgate’s Family and Fitness businesses have grown into market leaders in the industry. Prior to joining Lionsgate, Parducci spent 14 years at Mattel Inc., serving as SVP of business development and SVP of worldwide marketing, girl’s division. At Mattel she was responsible for marketing Mattel’s leading brands such as Barbie, Polly Pocket and more. Parducci graduated from the University of Miami, where she received a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She went on to attend the University of Paris - Sorbonne and received her M.B.A. from the University of Southern California.

• AMY REINHARD, EVP and GM, domestic home media distribution, Paramount Home Entertainment
Recently upped to her current post, Reinhard is responsible for plotting business strategies and a general course of action for getting Paramount Home Entertainment products to the consumer. She oversees every aspect of manufacturing and production of Paramount product, including supply chain activity, sales support and account planning. Reinhard has been with the studio for more than five years, most recently serving as SVP of strategic planning and business development for Paramount Pictures, where she oversaw the green-light process for titles. Prior to joining Paramount, Reinhard worked in strategic planning and business development at Revolution Studios.

• CAROLYN SCOTT, EVP, international operations and distribution strategy, Paramount Home Media Distribution
Scott oversees international operations and distribution strategy supporting the GM in all aspects of distribution of Paramount content to home entertainment, television and digital media outlets internationally. Scott has been with Paramount for nearly 20 years. She joined the studio in 1992 as executive director of motion picture financial reporting. She was promoted to VP, motion picture controller, in 1993 and then to VP, motion picture planning, in 2004. She was named SVP of finance, worldwide television, in 2006, and became a member of the executive team tasked with building a state-of-the-art worldwide TV and digital distribution organization in the wake of the CBS/Paramount split and DreamWorks merger. In 2008 she was again promoted, to EVP of finance, sales administration and operations for television and digital distribution. Scott previously worked as a senior manager for KPMG. She holds a B.A. in business economics from UCSB and an M.B.A. from the Anderson School of Business at UCLA.

• KELLY SOOTER, EVP and GM, worldwide marketing, Paramount Home Entertainment
With more than 20 years of experience in home entertainment, it’s Sooter who Paramount Home Entertainment looks to for home video content development, strategic initiatives and global brand marketing for every Paramount Home Entertainment release. Before being elevated to her current position, Sooter was EVP and GM of Paramount Home Entertainment’s domestic family business. When she was promoted, the division’s then-president Kelley Avery praised her “business acumen, retail knowledge, marketing expertise and creativity.” Sooter got her start in home entertainment in 1990, directing retail marketing for Disney, before moving to DreamWorks Home Entertainment in 1998 as GM of North America. Sooter is a graduate of Cal State Northridge.

• CLARISSA WEIRICK, EVP and General Counsel, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Since September, Weirick has served as EVP and general counsel of the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, overseeing all legal matters for Warner Home Video, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. In this new role, Weirick is responsible for all licensing, sales, production, acquisitions and daily operational legal matters relating to the creation and distribution of physical and digital studio products on a worldwide basis, including movies, television shows and interactive video games. Previously, Weirick served as SVP and general counsel of digital distribution, overseeing the licensing of the studio’s film, television and original short-form product in video-on-demand and electronic sellthrough across all digital platforms on a worldwide basis. Weirick earned a J.D. from UCLA and a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Stanford University.



• Edie Bartlett, VP, sales
Bartlett joined Anchor Bay Entertainment in 2006. Since joining Anchor Bay, Bartlett has played a major role in the studio’s growth by expanding her account base with new channels, including convenience stores, kiosks and non-traditional retail. Bartlett began her career in 1991 at ETD.

• Julie Cartwright, SVP, brand marketing
In her dozen years at Anchor Bay, Cartwright has driven success in the kidvid, TV and fitness genres. She helped sales grow by double digits for the “Thomas & Friends” DVD brand and for the fitness DVD category. Her work with series such as “Roseanne” and “Three’s Company” boosted the TV DVD category for the supplier.

• Erin McGregor, SVP, operations
McGregor was one of just four people who reorganized and reformed Video Treasures in 1992. And she has been with Anchor Bay ever since. Today McGregor oversees the company’s North American operations, managing the replication and shipment of more than 25 million discs a year. McGregor also works with the IT/reporting, legal, sales, marketing and finance departments.

• Jennifer Roberts, SVP, marketing
Roberts oversees all marketing for disc releases of theatrical titles for both Anchor Bay Entertainment and Anchor Bay films, which also includes titles under The Weinstein Co. deal. She was recently promoted to her current post in recognition of her success with launching the disc releases of The Weinstein Co.’s The King’s Speech and Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil, along with Anchor Bay Films’ City Island.

• Sally Seraphim, SVP, sales
Seraphim oversees key retail accounts, from Walmart to Best Buy. Since joining the company in 1998, she’s helped drive the company’s substantial jump in sales growth, thanks partly to new pricing and merchandising strategies at the mass merchant level. For example, it was Seraphim’s idea that Walmart introduce Anchor Bay fitness lines into the sporting goods section, and Anchor Bay family and children’s properties in the toy department.

• Erin Carter, executive director, brand marketing
• Jacqueline Cotreau, executive director, national promotions
•  Patsy Fox, executive director, sales
• Roxanne Giordano, executive director, worldwide sales planning
• Teresa Gurzell, executive director, retail marketing
• Jane McCowan, executive director, retail marketing



• Sarah Aibel, VP, marketing
• Tracy Ames, VP, marketing
• Jill Anderson, VP, sellthrough sales
• Ellen Atkinson-Erby, director, sales, Southeast
• Sanjana Chandani, VP, retail and digital operations
• Melissa Clarke, director, retail operations
• Peggy DelBrocco, director, sales, Midwest
• Mariko Gueringer, VP, creative services
• Kenya Hart, director, business systems and inventory operations
• Chela Johnson, VP, marketing
• Roxanne Johnson, manager, digital and on demand sales and planning, digital media
• Amanda Kozlowski, VP, marketing
• Kate Nayberg, VP, Blu-ray and DVD production
• Kate Neligan, VP, on demand/digital marketing
• Helen Reich, executive director, sales administration
• Jennifer Sandler, VP, publicity
• Jenna Sonenshein, director, marketing
• Kajsa Vikman, VP, marketing



• Michele Bell, SVP, worldwide creative services, Paramount Home Entertainment
Bell, a two-time Key Art winner, has been honored more than once for her domestic creative campaigns for Paramount, and the studio constantly calls on her services for big franchises, from “Transformers” to “Shrek.”
Prior to joining the studio, Bell was VP of creative services for Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

• Brenda Ciccone, SVP, worldwide publicity and communications, Paramount Home Entertainment
Ciccone handles publicity for titles from Paramount Pictures, Paramount Vantage, Paramount Classics, Insurge Pictures, Paramount Famous Productions, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, CBS, PBS and DreamWorks Animation. First joining the Paramount in 2005, Ciccone has more than 17 years of experience in entertainment public relations.

• Melinda Froelich, SVP, international transactional marketing, Paramount Home Entertainment International
For every Paramount Home Entertainment release, the studio looks to Froelich for global marketing, advertising, public relations, promotions and release dates. Froelich joined the studio in 2005. Before joining Paramount, she worked at Buena Vista Home Entertainment for nearly seven years.

• Madeline Herdrich, SVP, digital, cable/satellite and mobile domestic distribution, America, Paramount Pictures
Herdrich is responsible for growing and managing all digital, IPTV, cable, satellite and mobile video distribution services. She was recognized in Variety’s annual Women’s Impact Report in 2009 and was named one of the top 50 Women in Mobile by Mobile Entertainment in 2009 and 2010.

• Dina Marovich, SVP, media and interactive marketing, Paramount Home Entertainment
Marovich oversees all media planning for Paramount Home Entertainment, covering all aspects of interactive marketing campaigns implemented on behalf of the division’s slate of titles. First joining Paramount in early 2006, Marovich was promoted to her current position earlier this year. Her 15-plus years of experience in media planning include positions at Mediaedge/CIA, Starcom Worldwide, Carsey-Werner Productions, and Rubin Postaer and Associates.

• Sheri Conn, VP, brand marketing
• Rachel Crang, VP, international DVD production
• Barb Estey, VP, sales, Canada
• Heidi Halsey, VP, brand marketing
• Annie Kaprelian, VP, domestic DVD production
• Inge Mueller, VP, worldwide marketing intelligence and POS tracking
• Kathryn Risch, VP, market research
• Aarthi Scott, VP, worldwide financial planning and business processes
• Susane Seidman, VP, creative services worldwide
• Carla Stock, VP, business affairs administration
• Syrinthia Studer, VP, brand marketing
• Aubrey Thomason, VP, business affairs and legal



• ALISON BIGGERS, SVP, worldwide marketing
Biggers supervises every domestic and international brand marketing team for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. First joining Sony when it was Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment in 1999, Biggers was promoted to VP of worldwide DVD marketing in 2002 and most recently served as SVP of international marketing for the home entertainment division. The UCLA graduate began her career with MGM Home Entertainment.

• GERI BLUEROCK, SVP, sales development
Bluerock first joined the division in 2005, coming from MGM Home Entertainment. Her experience in home entertainment and retail covers nearly 20 years, with leadership positions in the sales, sales research and analysis, retail operations, category management, vendor managed inventory and retail buying. A graduate of the University of Houston, Bluerock holds a B.B.A. in organizational behavioral management.

• CLAUDE BORNA, SVP, business planning and commercial strategy, Europe
Borna manages the division’s European Commercial Group, which supports commercial teams in Europe with systems and strategies for account planning, pricing, in-store execution and retail expansion. Borna also manages the London-based European Business Planning and Innovation Group. The seven-year Sony veteran was instrumental in launching the Blu-ray Disc format. Prior to joining Sony, Borna helped Amazon launch DVD in the United Kingdom and France.

• NATASHA CURRIE, SVP, international operations
Currie covers day-to-day and strategic operations for the division outside of the United States, and the implementation and expansion of a global supply chain network for the studio. She was VP of European operations for SPHE and held a number of positions with Walt Disney Television International prior to her current title. Currie graduated from London University with a B.A.

• TRACEY GARVIN, SVP, worldwide marketing
As SVP of worldwide marketing, Garvin is responsible for the oversight, development and production of special features, interactive content and menus for all worldwide releases on DVD and Blu-ray. Prior to her promotion in 2006, Garvin was VP of marketing for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Before joining the company in 1990, she held several entertainment positions at New World Entertainment and MCA Records.

• COOPER JACKSON, SVP, business affairs
Jackson is responsible for evaluating potential distribution partnerships, licensing deals and other initiatives. She also oversees business affairs and negotiates business terms and the structure of home entertainment deals globally.
Before joining the studio in 2008, she worked as SVP of business affairs and associate general counsel at Genius Products. Jackson also has worked as a VP of business and legal affairs at Warner Home Video and began her legal career as an intellectual property and antitrust litigator.

• JANE MOHON, SVP, marketing services
Mohon has a variety of roles in her post, including overseeing all aspects of consumer media campaigns. She also is responsible for setting media strategies. Mohon is charged with guiding consumer research groups, along with relaying retailer strategies to other SPHE departments. She shepherds national promotional efforts by setting strategy and identifying priority titles for promotional partnerships.

• KELLY NIELSEN, SVP, worldwide creative advertising
Nielsen oversees the worldwide creative advertising group in the home entertainment division, as well as design and production of DVD and Blu-ray Disc packaging, in-store displays, and trade and consumer advertising campaigns, including print, broadcast, outdoor and trailers. Before joining Sony in 1997, she held positions at J. Walter Thompson and Prism Pictures.

• Jill Allen, VP, digital accounts
• Jennifer Anderson, VP, worldwide marketing
• Marcela Bailey, VP and divisional CIO, worldwide home entertainment
• Lori Barker, VP, finance
• Caroline Dean, VP, European marketing
• Lissa Freed, VP, people and organization
• Ellen Goodridge, VP, digital operations and product development
• Amy Heller, VP, Asia Pacific and emerging markets
• Sheela Jairaj, VP, sales
• Susan Johnston, VP, business development, Canada
• Jacqui Marshall, VP, legal affairs 
• Olga Nechayeva, VP, licensing
• Cara Taylor, VP, finance
• Dina Wiggins, VP, legal affairs



• Jennifer Chai, SVP, new release marketing, North America
Chai oversees North American brand marketing and strategy for all 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment film and franchise releases. She has had a hand in shaping Fox’s new digital initiatives, including digital copy, BD-Live and UltraViolet. During her dozen years at the studio, Chai has overseen more than 300 home entertainment releases, including Avatar and the “X-Men,” “Ice Age” and “Star Wars” franchises. Chai previously was at Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

• Rio Cyrus, SVP, acquisitions/TV marketing
Cyrus oversees home entertainment launch initiatives and business plans for TV properties and third-party film acquisitions. She has contributed to the success of such titles as “Glee,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “The Simpsons” and “Modern Family.” Before joining Fox, Cyrus was marketing director at Walt Disney Pictures and Television. She began her 20-year career when “rewinding fees” were a top concern within home entertainment and remains dedicated to serving the consumer as the industry evolves.

• Aubrey Freeborn, SVP, marketing and product management, worldwide VOD and electronic sellthrough
Freeborn is responsible for maintaining a clear message for domestic and international film and TV content across all digital platforms. She works with the division’s partners — including Apple, Sony, Microsoft and Amazon — to grow Fox’s digital business. She leads a team charged with marketing and packaging episodic TV content for digital. A graduate of Bucknell University and Harvard Business School, Freeborn joined Fox in 2001.

• Julie Markell, SVP, creative development
Markell oversees global creative development, including campaigns for such top releases as “Star Wars,” “X-Men,” “Ice Age,” Avatar, “Glee,” “The Simpsons,” “Sons of Anarchy” and “Family Guy.” She also played a key role in the award-winning packaging for the Blu-ray Disc releases of Alien Anthology, Fight Club and The Sound of Music. For greater synergy across all mediums, Markell’s creative judgment also guides the digital and content teams. Before joining Fox, she worked at advertising agencies.

• Kathryn Tralli, SVP, retail operations
In more than a dozen years with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Tralli has held positions covering forecasting, sales analysis and retail planning. She helped grow the studio’s retail operations department from two people to more than two dozen. Along with her North American home entertainment responsibilities, Tralli serves as executive business sponsor for worldwide sales planning. She is the executive business sponsor of the Global Siebel Sales Planning and Trade Spend Management System the studio is rolling out internationally. Prior to Fox, Tralli was at Buena Vista Home Entertainment. She graduated from USC’s Marshall School of Business.

• Joanie Wallace, SVP, account services and distribution
First joining Fox in 1992, Wallace has worked her way up to her current position as SVP of account services and distribution for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Joining her current division in 2000, Wallace came to Fox after working for the accounting team at Orion.



• Pam Blum, SVP, marketing services
Blum oversees the creative services team as well as the development of all value-added content for the studio’s DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases. Her responsibilities include maximizing opportunities between studio departments, in addition to coordinating all efforts between the company’s domestic and international home entertainment operations.

• Ellen Cockrill, SVP, animation
Cockrill oversees development and production of television and Universal DVD Originals animated fare. The 14-year veteran shepherded the Emmy-winning PBS series “Curious George,” serving as an executive producer. Cockrill has won two daytime Emmys and has spearheaded Universal’s original production, Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas, on DVD.

• Nancy Eagle, SVP, business and legal affairs, Universal Studios Home Entertainment Productions
Eagle oversees business and legal affairs and spearheads soundtrack partnerships for Universal Studios Home Entertainment Productions — the unit that develops and produces original DVD and TV fare based on Universal Pictures’ franchise properties. She recently spearheaded new co-production arrangements in South Africa and Thailand.

• Patti Jackson, SVP, live-action production, Universal Studios Home Entertainment Productions
Jackson oversees the development and production of live-action family fare for Universal’s DVD Originals line. She has overseen more than 55 productions, including Death Race 2, The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior and Bring It On: All or Nothing. Currently, she is shepherding Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure, Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption and Honey 2.

• Christine Lawton, SVP, business affairs
Lawton handles business affairs for sales, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, retail, litigation management, intellectual property, antitrust, contract negotiations and licensing across DVD, Blu-ray and emerging technologies. She is the studio’s primary digital distribution business executive, handling deals with iTunes, Vudu, Best Buy, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Google and Amazon.

• Linda Leighton, SVP, customer service, retail inventory team and systems administration
Leighton oversees the coordination of the division’s customer service activities, retail inventory team and merchandising across North America. She also is responsible for planning and aligning Universal’s IT systems development activity. Additionally, Leighton plays an active role in managing the relationships with Universal’s distribution partners, including Summit Entertainment.

• LEA PORTENEUVE, SVP, communications and publicity
Porteneuve oversees all business, technology and executive communications and supervises strategic publicity initiatives for the studio’s film and TV disc and electronic releases. She has handled all communications related to the studio’s foray into Blu-ray and digital distribution, and serves on the communications committee for DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group.

• Heidi Turk, SVP, supply chain
Turk manages master data, procurement, physical production, distribution and logistics for Universal’s Blu-ray and DVD discs in the United States and Canada. She also plays a vital role in the development and implementation of the company’s eco-friendly initiatives and serves as a primary liaison to Universal’s distribution partners, including Summit Entertainment. 



• Gabrielle Chamberlin, SVP, global product management
Chamberlin oversees lifecycle planning across all windows worldwide for Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Marvel and DreamWorks Studios, as well as the consumer marketing strategy for all home entertainment releases. She has helped drive the growth of Blu-ray Disc and Blu-ray 3D, as well as promoted new offerings such as the DisneyFile Digital Copy, Disney Combo Pack and Disney Upgrade opportunities.

• Jeanne Hobson, SVP, retail in-store and digital sales
Hobson is responsible for driving overall sales, distribution, trade marketing and in-store solutions for films and TV series for DVD, Blu-ray Disc and Blu-ray 3D. She manages accounts with more than 80 North American retailers, including Walmart, Target and Best Buy. Recent retail sales highlights include Toy Story 3, Tangled, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Cars 2 and “Castle.”

• Kristin McQueen, SVP, global business and legal affairs
McQueen oversees global legal affairs pertaining to new technologies, digital distribution, global product management, marketing and consumer issues. She also serves as primary counsel for the studio’s Blu-ray Disc initiatives and spearheads issues regarding Studio All Access and the introduction of new technologies and CRM initiatives internationally. She serves as managing director and Disney’s counsel to the Blu-ray Disc Association.

• Marlo Carruth, VP, legal affairs, Walt Disney Studios Distribution
• Michelle Davis, VP, global product management, Walt Disney Studios Distribution
• Elizabeth Duke, VP, legal affairs, Walt Disney Studios Distribution
• Susan McLain, VP, product management, Walt Disney Studios Distribution

• Yulia Poltorak, VP, international in-home sales, Walt Disney Studios Distribution
• Shayna Smith, VP, international in-home sales, Walt Disney Studios Distribution

• Liz West, VP, global publicity, Walt Disney Studios



• Wendy L. Aylsworth, SVP, technology, Warner Bros. Technical Operations
Aylsworth oversees the establishment of new technologies for Warner Bros. production divisions and assesses the impact of emerging technologies on content creation and distribution. Her department participates in technical standards and trade organizations to promote commonality. Aylsworth is the engineering VP of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and has spent her 15-year career at Warner working in the theme parks, animation and emerging technology development.

• Victoria Colf, SVP, digital solutions and services, Warner Bros. Technical Operations
Colf oversees the daily operations of Warner Bros. digital solutions and services, supporting the studio’s expanding efforts in distributing content through new media outlets. She also helps oversee the implementation of the studio’s “digital end to end” (DETE) project, which eventually will migrate all aspects of the studio’s film production and distribution to a digital process. Colf joined Warner Bros. Entertainment as VP of corporate business development and strategy in 2004.

• Jacqueline Hayes, SVP, business and legal affairs, and Associate General Counsel, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution
Hayes provides legal counsel to the studio on business matters concerning the acquisition, distribution and copy protection of film and television content in both packaged and digital media. She has been instrumental in the development of Warner Bros.’ new business models and licenses for digital distribution of film and television content across new media platforms and has become increasingly involved in the new technology and copy protection issues associated with such distribution. Hayes, who has been with Warner since 1998, obtained her J.D. at Harvard Law School.

• Dorinda Marticorena, SVP, worldwide marketing and high-definition, Warner Home Video
Marticorena is responsible for global product development and marketing strategies for more than 300 annual title releases, some in as many as 30 languages, including the “Harry Potter” franchise, Inception, The Dark Knight, “The Matrix Trilogy,” “Friends,” “ER,” “Gossip Girl” and “Looney Tunes.” She oversees global market research, interactive marketing, and Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D business development. She recently assumed responsibility of marketing for Warner Bros. Digital Distribution International, working with partners such as Sony, Apple and Microsoft. Marticorena holds degrees from Stanford University, UCLA and UCLA’s Anderson School. 

• Ardis H. Rubenstein,
worldwide creative advertising, 
Warner Home Video 

Rubenstein has presided over the growth of home entertainment at Warner Home Video for 20 years — from its infancy as a VHS rental business to today’s complex mix of sellthrough high-definition packaged goods and digital formats. Rubenstein has continued to redefine home video through innovative packaging and category-defining advertising. She also helped establish the creative and technical integration that has paved the way for DVD, Blu-ray Disc and now digital distribution.

• Leigh Boghoussian, VP, sales planning and analysis, Warner Home Video
• Stephanie Atlas Bohn, VP, marketing, Warner Home Video
• Sharlene Case, VP, worldwide digital product management, Warner Home Video
• Johnna Cho, VP, business and legal affairs, Warner Home Video
• Nicole Coleman, VP, sales integration, Warner Home Video
• Daphne Dentz, VP, digital services, Warner Bros. Advanced Media Services
• Michele Edelman, VP, marketing, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution
• Ellen S. Frank, VP, digital services and client systems, Warner Bros. Technical Operations
• Laura Gross, VP, international research and media, Warner Home Video
• Melissa Hufjay McAlevey, VP, publicity NTF, Warner Home Video
• Suchitra Injati, VP, business process improvement, Warner Home Video
• Jennifer Jones, VP, creative services, Warner Home Video
• Cherilynn Kehrli, VP, business and legal affairs, Warner Home Video
• Julie V. Kelley, VP, business and legal affairs, Warner Home Video
• Tehya Kopp, VP, global product marketing NTF, Warner Home Video
• Deanne Lewis, VP, strategic partnerships, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution
• Dana R. Lira, business and legal affairs, Warner Home Video
• Rosemary Markson, VP, TV and special interest marketing, Warner Home Video
• Kathryn Moffat, VP, order management and distribution, Warner Home Video
• Deborah Neveu, VP, accounting and financial reporting, Warner Home Video
• Darby O’Neill, VP, media, Warner Home Video
• Lucia Rangel, VP, AP operations, L.A. and Asia Pacific, worldwide corporate antipiracy
• Isabelle F. Renaud, VP, production/creative services, Warner Home Video
• Juliet Robinson, VP, retail insights North America, Warner Home Video
• Susan Sachs, VP, finance and administration, Warner Bros. Technical Operations
• Ronnee Sass, VP, publicity and promotional theatrical catalog, Warner Home Video
• Terri Lynn Smith, VP, worldwide distribution services, Warner Bros. Technical Operations
• Julie Z. Tang, VP, international finance, Warner Home Video
• Sarah Turner, VP, planning and operations, Warner Bros. Technical Operations
• Danielle A. Umansky, VP, promotions, Warner Home Video
• Darlene Walters, VP, Target/Best Buy, Warner Home Video
• Carolyn Wessling, VP, business and legal affairs, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution
• Joanne Williams, VP, Europe, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution
• Emily Zalenski, VP, publicity, Warner Home Video



• Lisa Blond, SVP, creative content, New Wave Entertainment
Blond is recognized as one of the leaders in the field of behind-the-scenes documentaries and featurettes. For more than 20 years, she has produced creative content for more than 200 theatrical films, working both on-set and in post-production. She has worked on such blockbusters as all eight “Harry Potter” films, the five ”Fast and Furious” movies and Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” films.

• Meri Hassouni, VP, product management, Giant Interactive 
Hassouni has produced award-winning products at Giant Interactive and as executive DVD producer at Blink Digital and Crush Digital.  Under Hassouni’s guidance, numerous DVDs, such as The 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concerts, “Get Smart” and Capturing the Friedmans have earned accolades from the Home Media Magazine Awards, HM’s TV DVD Awards and them MIPCOM DVD Awards.

• Paulette Pantoja, Founder and CEO, BluFocus Inc.
As the founder and CEO of BluFocus, Pantoja manages a team that not only develops testing tools and services for Blu-ray, but also provides quality assurance services for such entertainment media technologies as apps, 3D, broadcast, graphics and digital distribution. She founded the company in 2007 after years of DVD and Blu-ray production oversight. Pantoja also has worked at Ascent Media and Panasonic Hollywood Labs, and is co-chair of the Human Factors Committee for the 3D@Home Consortium.

• Cheryl Savala, Executive Creative Director, Menagerie Creative
Savala has helped develop key art, packaging and event branding for such titles as Star Wars: The Complete Saga, The Sound of Music: 50th Anniversary Blu-ray and United Artists 90th Anniversary Prestige Collection (selected as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things). Her company also recently was given a Silver Key Art Award at the 40th annual Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia — Six Pack.

• AMY JO SMITH, Executive Director, DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group
Smith has been with the DEG since its formation in 1997. The industry-supported trade coalition is dedicated to advancing physical and digital home entertainment products. Smith is responsible for managing the trade association and marketing DVD, Blu-ray Disc, digital entertainment and Home 3D for the industry. In 2007, Smith was the recipient of the Visionary Award presented by Home Media Magazine and The Hollywood Reporter. The DEG also was inducted into the Video Hall of Fame in 2008.



• Christy Cannon, VP, marketing, Grindstone Entertainment
Cannon oversees the marketing and creative strategies for Grindstone’s DVD and Blu-ray Discs. With 17 years of experience in the home entertainment industry, she has played an integral part in developing marketing strategy, creative design, promotions, publicity, distribution and sales for Sterling Home Entertainment, Hallmark Entertainment and Imperial Entertainment.

• Sofia Chang, SVP, consumer marketing, retail products, HBO
Chang oversees HBO’s licensing and retail business as well as marketing and development for its home entertainment products. She has handled marketing such titles as “The Sopranos” and “Oz,” winning several awards. In her licensing and retail role, she led the development and release of merchandise for such franchises as “True Blood,” including the Tru Blood Beverage.

• Ana Kono, SVP, marketing, Image Entertainment
In this new position, Kono oversees and creates marketing campaigns for Image’s releases in the home entertainment, digital, broadcast and theatrical arenas. She currently is focused on The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway, 50 Cent’s All Things Fall Apart and festival pick-up The Double. Kono has nearly a decade of experience at various studios, including 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. and The Walt Disney Co.

• Maria Lynn, President, Wolfe Video
In its 26th year, Wolfe is the leader in mainstreaming films with gay content. Melding niche marketing while casting a wide net in traditional retail, TV and VOD is the key to Wolfe’s success. Lynn has boosted the Wolfe label and WolfeVideo.com with promotional work for other studios and distributors. She is also proud of Wolfe’s success in fighting piracy.

• Yolanda Macias, EVP, business development and acquisitions, Vivendi Entertainment
With nearly 20 years of experience, Macias is responsible for sourcing and acquiring content, such as recent acquisitions from the NFL, Sid & Marty Krofft, Indomina Releasing and National Geographic. She also heads the company’s digital and television distribution divisions. Macias also has served at DirecTV, Technicolor and The Walt Disney Co.

• Susan Margolin, Co-President, New Video
Margolin has dedicated more than 25 years to distributing independent films. She has helped bring numerous festival titles to the ancillary and digital market, including several Oscar winners. Margolin is among the 2011 Producers Guild of America’s “Digital 25: Leaders in Emerging Entertainment,” is a board member of BAFTA and is a member of IFP and New York Women in Film and Television.

• Beth Minehart, SVP, global digital, Miramax 
Minehart joined Miramax in August and is responsible for all digital initiatives and sales across the company, including daily management of Miramax.com and Miramax’s Facebook app (Miramax eXperience). She previously worked more than 14 years in senior roles at NBC Universal. Minehart earned an M.B.A. from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree from UCLA.   

• Michelle Nunes, VP, operations, Vivendi Entertainment
Nunes oversees Vivendi’s operations team, including overseeing its manufacturing, inventory management, digital asset collections and distribution. She is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona and has been in the entertainment industry for nearly 15 years.

• Mitzi Reaugh, SVP, strategy and business development, Miramax
Reaugh, who joined Miramax in March, spearheads business development efforts across the company, including digital initiatives such as transactional VOD and SVOD, international opportunities and business extensions.
Prior to Miramax, Reaugh served at The Nielsen Co. and NBC Universal.

• Kate Winn, SVP, consumer products, A&E
Winn oversees A&E Networks’ consumer products. Within home entertainment, she heads acquisitions, retail distribution, worldwide video licensing and electronic sellthrough. Winn developed and launched A&E’s transactional digital business. She also launched the company’s international direct distribution business, creating A&E branded home entertainment lines around the globe.



• Pauline Fischer, Director, content acquisition, Netflix
Fischer focuses on acquiring streaming and packaged-media rights to theatrical movies. She previously served at Paramount Pictures. Fischer holds a J.D. and M.B.A. from Harvard.

• Bryony Gagan, VP, business and legal affairs, Netflix
Gagan oversees business and legal affairs related to content acquisitions — notably Netflix’s burgeoning streaming license agreements. She is a graduate of Stanford Law School and Georgetown University.

• Cindy Holland, VP, content acquisition, Netflix
Holland has been co-managing the DVD business at Netflix for the past nine years. She previously served at Kozmo.com, Mutual Film Co. and Baltimore/Spring Creek Productions.

• Kelly Merryman, VP, content acquisition, Netflix
Merryman manages content acquisitions for Netflix’s foreign expansion. Previously, she held positions in digital distribution and business development at Sony Pictures.

• Lisa Nishimura-Seese, VP, independent content acquisition, Netflix
Nishimura-Seese spearheads Netflix’s independent and smaller studio content. She recently facilitated streaming deals with Korean-based CJ E&M Corp. and Well Go USA, among others.

• Diane Pearse, SVP, finance and operations, Redbox
Pearse brings to Redbox more than 25 years of experience in finance. Prior to joining Redbox in 2010, Pearse was CFO of Crate and Barrel. Previously she served for nearly two decades with Amoco Corp. in a variety of senior positions. After Amoco merged with BP in 1998, Pearse served as VP of business financial services, helping to merge the finance and treasury functions of the new company.



• Shawna Lynch, EVP, Bender/Helper Impact
Lynch is known for getting in the trenches with her team. Such notable campaigns have included helping to tout Netflix’s subscription service and heading communications strategies for Al Gore’s Current TV.

• Sue Procko, Sue Procko Public Relations
Procko’s company roster has included Anchor Bay Entertainment, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Image Entertainment and Summit Entertainment. She was honored with the Lynne Weaver Award for her pro bono work.

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