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Sinbad Discusses Benefits, Drawbacks of Digital and DVD

17 Jun, 2014 By: Chris Tribbey

Head on over to Amazon or iTunes, and for 99 cents each you can buy assorted clips of Sinbad’s latest special Make Me Wanna Holla. And the stand-up comedian and actor isn’t quite sure what to make of that option.

“It’s good and bad,” Sinbad said. “For artists it means all of your stuff is out there, and when artists have their art released too early, maybe wanted more time to get it prepared, it hurts.

“The good side is you can keep putting stuff out there to new people, and you can be seen on a iPhone or whenever someone wants [to see you] in their home. I like that part.”

The 90-minute stand-up special Sinbad: Make Me Wanna Holla hit DVD June 17 from Comedy Central and Paramount Home Media Distribution. No stranger to having his specials out on DVD, Sinbad admitted he’s mixed on the importance of physical disc as well.

“For me, I look at the Bill Cosby [comedy] albums, where they were handed down from generation to generation,” Sinbad said. “Your work gets to live beyond when you were the hottest thing around, and because of that, you get a chance to come back around again. You hear ‘I always heard about that person’ and DVD lets you experience that.”


“Because there’s so much available online, I don’t do DVD and Blu-ray so much anymore. I want instant access, when I want it, where I want it,” Sinbad admitted.

As for the special itself, Make Me Wanna Holla sees Sinbad perform in front of a hometown audience in Detroit, tackling everything from life advice from his parents, to people with “no talent” who somehow own their own clothing lines.

While Sinbad said there’s no added pressure performing in front of a home crowd, knowing the cameras are rolling for a Comedy Central special does lurk in the back of a stand-up comedian’s mind, he said.

“You can have four shows in a row, [but] when you do a stand-up special, you just hope you have one of those moments because if you have a bad show, and those cameras are on …” he laughed. “I always change my show up, and I just hope I have the right stuff in there.”

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