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Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best (DVD Review)

22 Jan, 2013 By: Angelique Flores

Box Office $0.007 million
$29.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Ryan O’Nan, Michael Weston.

This quirky indie film from first-time writer and director Ryan O’Nan is a sweet and original story about following your dreams. As hokey as that might sound, the movie is actually far from that.

Alex (O’Nan) is a musician who has just been kicked out of his band, fired from his crappy sales job and dumped by his girlfriend. Things kind of start looking up when he meets the wacky Jim, another musician who invites Alex to go with him on a tour that will end with a battle of the bands.

The two don’t have any songs, yet they’re supposed to leave for tour the next day after meeting. And most of Jim’s instruments are children’s toy instruments. Still, Alex and Jim manage to compose some sweet and catchy lo-fi songs while driving in the car.

During the tour, Alex and Jim find themselves in some laughably disastrous situations, including playing a set at Theta Beta Potata. 

Alex doesn’t have any delusions of grandeur; he just wants to be able to play music. With the help of Jim’s childlike optimism, they end up being able to do that in the most unlikeliest of places.

Funny at times and heartfelt at others, the movie is an impressive filmmaking debut from O’Nan. He also managed to assemble a great cast, including Andrew McCarthy and Oscar winner Melissa Leo in a tiny role. Jason Ritter and Wilmer Valderrama also have small, but hilarious scene-stealing roles.

The special features on this disc are a surprisingly delightful enhancement to the film. Among the extras are some succinct interviews with O’Nan and Weston; an outtakes reel; a live and pretty funny performance of three of the songs from the movie with a Q&A from the Northside Festival in Brooklyn; and two shorts from O’Nan and Weston that are both related to the film.

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