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Zoo Digital Expands Asian Reach

24 May, 2017 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Zoo Digital May 23 announced international partnerships with online distributors in South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey.

The agreements with WhatSub Pro, Bossdom and Studio Ares are part of Zoo’s strategy offering insight of the local TV and movie industry as well as language expertise. Each partner benefits from Zoo’s cloud technology and tools for localizing and delivering TV and movie content more cost-effectively.

South Korea represents an important market for major online retailers. WhatSub Pro plans to use Zoo’s newly launched Zoodubs platform, which is set to transform the way content dubbing is managed.

Bossdom, which offers localization services for Mandarin in both traditional and simplified Chinese, represents an important partner for Zoo operating in key Southeast Asian territories such as Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and Japan.

Studio Ares in Turkey provides complete localization and dubbing service for Turkish, Kurdish and Farsi. Zoo eyes Turkey as one of the fastest-growing markets for content owners and distributers. U.S. content is particularly popular in Turkey and Turkish content is in demand in Central America.

“No other business in the media and entertainment localization industry has ever been able to provide the breadth of knowledge and experience offered by our network of affiliates,” Gordon Doran, president of Zoo Digital, said in a statement.

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