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Zenith Offers Site to Connect VCRs to Digital Converter Boxes

13 May, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey


VCRs are still in use out there, and Zenith is trying to help people keep them running during the digital transition.

The consumer electronics company has introduced to offer advice on how to connect digital converter boxes to analog TVs and VCRs. Federal law requires all TV stations to broadcast digitally by June 12.

“With the transition to digital broadcasting, a VCR’s built-in analog tuner becomes obsolete,” said Zenith SVP Richard Lewis. “So if you want to continue using an old VCR to record TV shows off the air through your antenna, you’ll need a digital TV converter box that produces analog signals that the VCR can record.”

The site specifically deals with digital converter boxes made by Zenith, but offers general instructions for all converter boxes, as well as a FAQ section.

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