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Warner Home Video Unleashes 'Cats & Dogs' Oct. 16

15 Aug, 2001 By: Ralph Tribbey

Warner Home Video throws consumers and retailers a bone this fall with the day-and-date sellthrough release of Lawrence Guterman's breakout special effects comedy, Cats and Dogs. The film that barked andscratched its way to $89.5 million in its domestic theatrical run makes the move to packaged goods entertainment Oct. 16 (prebook Sept. 11), a swift three months from its theatrical bow-wow.

According to Ewa Martinoff, Warner Home Video's Family Entertainment marketing v.p., Cats and Dogs “played strongly” among families, “We are definitely positioning the title for moms and kids.” She confirmed that as with the recent release of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, thecompany has eschewed the original widescreen aspect ratio of the film (1.85:1) in favor of a full-frame presentation.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory may yet go widescreen. The 30thanniversary DVD edition (street date Aug. 28) has drawn fire from fans because it includes only a full-frame version of the beloved classic.

Disc producer J.M. Kenny said Warner is considering a separate widescreen edition of the 1971 classic, which would have the same extrafeatures as the new full-frame edition.

For Cats and Dogs, a no-frills VHS version is priced at $22.98, while the feature-laden DVD arrives at$26.98, a $2 premium over Warner's typical $24.98 price for new theatrical offerings.

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