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Parrot Analytics Aims to Be Crystal Ball Into What Global Consumers Want to See

27 Oct, 2015 By: Stephanie Prange

Wouldn’t it be great if studio executives could accurately gauge what content would be a hit in a given market before it is released?

That’s exactly what new company Parrot Analytics is aiming to help content owners determine. The company has unveiled a system for measuring consumer demand for content across all platforms and markets (249 countries, or, every single country in the world). Unlike traditional research, which tracks what viewers have already watched, Parrot’s algorithms are designed to gauge what people might be interested in watching before they watch it, based on Internet searches, social media impressions, video streaming, blogging, micro-blogging and even piracy.

"For instance, we can see that in August, ‘Talk and Variety’ shows were peaking in China, and ‘Action and Adventure’ shows seemed to be waning in Japan," said CEO Wared Seger.

Parrot’s system consists of two components: Demand Rating is used to compare the demand for a single title across multiple markets; Demand Expressions are used to compare the demand for multiple titles in the same market. The system was designed to help content owners and programmers make better decisions about selling and distributing movies and TV shows. It also gives distributors an idea of how content will play in countries where it is not yet available. The system covers a broader spectrum of Web activity than any other service that only monitors social media, according to the company.

Parrot Analytics CEO Wared Seger

Parrot uses “cutting edge artificial intelligence” to determine global demand ratings, Seger said. The system weights engagement. For instance, paying for content gets more weight than doing a search for content. The company spent three years fine-tuning the artificial intelligence used into a self-correcting machine that can combine multiple data points.

The foreknowledge can help content owners tweak and target marketing campaigns and design better licensing agreements with digital and other distributors globally, Seger said. In an increasingly fragmented and global content market, Parrot offers insight that is crucial to maximizing content revenue, he said, offering a crystal ball to greater fortune.

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