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'Firing Line' Hits CreateSpace

24 Sep, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

Fifty episodes of “Firing Line,” a public affairs program which ran for 33 years and was hosted by William Buckley, have been remastered by Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and are being made available on CreateSpace, Amazon.com’s DVD on demand service.

Buckley, who died earlier this year, was a newspaper columnist, author and conservative commentator who founded the political magazine National Review and was best known as the host of “Firing Line,” which featured one-on-one political discussions and debates, but in a slow and calm fashion.
The 50 episodes — out of more than 1,500 produced — feature interviews with Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, Hugh Hefner and more.

CreateSpace is Amazon’com’s answer to manufacturing on demand, with DVDs manufactured only after customers order them.

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