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Spiker (DVD Review)

14 Dec, 2008 By: Matt Miller


Street 12/16/08
$24.95 DVD
Rated ‘R’ for violence, some sexuality and language.
Stars Frank Zagarino, David “Shark” Fralick, Lou Martin Jr., Ginger Kroll.

Prolific cult actor Frank Zagarino strikes again, this time as an albino serial killer in Spiker, which he stars in and directs.

His character is a silent, cold-blooded butcher who has murdered at least 27 people, stabbing them with train spikes and burying the bodies under the train tracks.

While being transferred to an asylum, Spiker manages to escape into a river. Believing him to be dead, the local town returns to a normal existence. This includes a group of teenagers (three young, sex-crazed couples) who head to an abandoned cabin. Of course, Spiker has already begun carving a bloody path to the cabin in the woods, where he plans to slaughter the teens one by one.

As the teens fight to make it out alive, they slowly uncover the secret past that transformed Spiker from a heartbroken man into a vengeful killer.

Spiker is a typical low-budget slasher film, filled with its fair share of sex and gore. As horror films go, Spiker offers an original storyline and some gruesome special effects that add to its chilling appeal.

The film’s young actors do a decent job keeping the plot moving, while Zagarino really holds the film together with his Spiker character, who is on par with Michael Myers.

A bit over the top at times, Spiker proves to be a frightening supernatural horror film reminiscent of some of the classic 1970s slasher flicks audiences loved so much.

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