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New on Disc: 'Five Days One Summer' and more …

15 Aug, 2016 By: Mike Clark

Five Days One Summer

Available via Warner Archive       
Warner, Drama, $21.99 DVD, ‘PG.’
Stars Sean Connery, Betsy Brantley, Lambert Wilson.
The swan song of director Fred Zinnemann has become something of a minor cult film. Sean Connery, who’s the only marquee bait here, plays a Scottish physician traveling in 1932 with a much younger woman for a short climbing holiday in the Swiss Alps. With a mostly no-name cast and confined setting, this is an interesting picture to observe strictly from a visual point of view since a lot of the budget (which wasn’t minor) had to have gone toward challenges posed by the physical setting and lots of mountain footage that rarely looks fake because it apparently wasn’t.
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Amateur Night at City Hall

MVD, Documentary, $19.95 DVD, NR.
Amateur Night at City Hall, whose major drawback is that it was perhaps made too soon, is a documentary from Robert Mugge that focuses on Frank Rizzo, the attitude-heavy street cop who advanced from Philadelphia police commissioner to becoming the city’s two-term mayor beginning in 1971, while managing to politicize every institution he touched along the way.
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