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Lionsgate Revives ‘Robotech’

24 Jul, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

SAN DIEGO — Svea Macek — widow of Carl Macek, who introduced “Robotech” to American audiences in the 1980s — was visibly excited at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con International about Love Live Alive, the latest addition to the classic Japanese anime series.

The new feature — paired on DVD with the previously released “Robotech” feature The Shadow Chronicles —joins old and new animation into a 90-minute movie that follows the events of Robotech: The New Generation, from the viewpoint of Lt. Lance "Lancer" Belmont, picking up the story of mankind’s struggle during the defeat of the invading alien Invid race.

“I think fans are going to find some answers,” said Macek, who served as a creative consultant for the release, and called the final product “an interesting mix of old and new animation” that “turned out really well.”

“It’s just a really entertaining story on its own, even if you don’t know the history of the series.”

Lionsgate released the two-disc set July 23, and Tommy Yune, creative director for the release, couldn’t express enough how unique the title is. “It’s a nostalgia-fest throwback,” he said.

Steve Yun, VP of new media for the title, said it’s something “Robotech” fans won’t want to miss. “For a lot of people into anime, this was their first experience, and Love Live Alive is a new experience, looking back at that last season,” he said. “Lionsgate is convinced they can reach a lot of [new] fans who weren’t reached before.”

Kevin McKeever, VP of marketing for the title, said the original “Robotech” ended in a cliffhanger, and “There’s a new aspect to the story [fans] haven’t seen before. “We’re happy to give it to them.”

Lionsgate didn’t skimp on the bonus features for this new addition to "Robotech" collections: fans will find six featurettes totaling more than an hour of info covering the creation of the content, photo galleries, deleted scenes with optional commentary, outtakes, animatics, trailers and more.

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