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Zeta One (Blu-ray Review)

18 Apr, 2013 By: John Latchem

Kino Lorber
$24.95 Blu-ray
Not rated.
Stars Robin Hawdon, Yutte Stensgaard, James Robertson Justice, Dawn Addams, Valerie Leon, Wendy Lingham.

The marketing materials make Zeta One out to be one of that batch of late-1960s spy spoofs that inspired the “Austin Powers” films. And the legions of scantily clad female agents and wild psychedelic colors aren’t dissimilar. But the simplistic plot and gratuitous nudity makes the movie seem more like a forbearer to a Cinemax sci-fi sex comedy you might find flipping through the channels late at night.

You know there isn’t going to be much nuance to the story when the running time is 85 minutes, and the first 20 is spent on a strip poker game. The participants are British secret agent James Word (Robin Hawdon) and his department head’s secretary, Ann Olsen (Yutte Stensgaard). She wants him to tell her about his just-completed mission. He wants to get her into bed.

Eventually they reach a happy compromise and he spins a yarn about a planet inhabited entirely by beautiful women, called Angvia (an anatomical anagram if ever there was one). They repopulate by kidnapping women from Earth and brainwashing them.

Word was keeping tabs on Major Bourdon (James Robertson Justice), who was attempting to infiltrate the colony with a stripper he recruited. This causes Zeta to declare war on Bourdon, and hell breaks loose.

The movie has no desire to be taken seriously and is a lot of fun for what it is. The Blu-ray picture quality is rather excellent considering the film’s age and meager budget, displaying a mostly clear image marred only by occasional flecks of film damage.

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