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‘X-Files’ Marks Fox’s First BD Live Title

15 Sep, 2008 By: Thomas K. Arnold

X-Files20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will become the latest studio to harness BD Live technology on its Blu-ray Disc releases with The X-Files: I Want to Believe, coming Dec. 2.

Viewers who slip the disc into a next-generation Blu-ray Disc player connected to the Internet will be able to enjoy several interactive, Web-enabled features.

Their point of entry is “The X-Files Dossier.” There, BD Live-connected viewers can create their own special-agent avatar who can browse through Agent Dakota Whitney’s case files on clairvoyance and post his own notes and theories about her files online.

Fans also can help Agent Drummy solve several forensic challenges, with new cases posted weekly to the studio’s BD Live Web portal for the first several weeks of release.

“Releasing The X-Files: I Want To Believe as our first BD Live release was a natural,” said Mary Daily, EVP of North American marketing for 20th Century Fox. “One of the most compelling elements of the ‘X-Files’ franchise is how the mythology inspires fans to create and share their own theories about the characters and storylines. The extras on this release take full advantage of the BD Live technology and bring that interactive experience to a level never before possible.”

Other exclusive extras on the Blu-ray Disc edition of The X-Files: I Want to Believe include an interactive timeline featuring more than 80 video clip segments from the franchise’s archives, and a picture-in-picture commentary with director Chris Carter and cowriter Frank Spotnitz.

In addition to the Blu-ray Disc, Fox is releasing the film — which generated $20.8 million in U.S. theaters — as a single-disc DVD and a three-disc special-edition DVD. All versions come with a digital copy of the film, playable on iPods and other portable movie-viewing devices.


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