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Pattinson’s ‘Little Ashes’ Comes to DVD

22 Oct, 2009 By: Billy Gil

Beltrán and Pattinson in Little Ashes

Genre: Drama
Studio: E1 Entertainment
Street date: 1/26
Prebook: 12/29
Price/Format: $26.98 DVD
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Robert Pattinson ditches his vampire cape — and his clothes, in at least one talked-about scene — for a cheesy moustache to play surrealist artist Salvador Dalí in Little Ashes. The film follows a young Dali at university, where he meets fellow luminaries in writer Federico García Lorca (Javier Beltrán) and filmmaker Luis Buñuel (Matthew McNulty). Lorca becomes infatuated with Dalí and their friendship turns into something more.

So what’s the story with this movie — is it an excuse to get Pattinson out of his clothes and into some gay mess, or is it actually a good movie that he just happens to star in? The reviews have been all over the place. But Marina Gatell’s performance as a fellow writer enamored with Lorca has gotten praise all around.

E1 Entertainment must have sold their souls or something to get a hold of two Pattinson movies in one year (the other, The Haunted Airman, came out last week).

NOTE: This isn’t the official trailer, but I like this one because the girl says “ready your drool bibs.”

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