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Osiris Titles to Stream on Netflix

19 Sep, 2011 By: Billy Gil

Independent film distributor Osiris Entertainment will see its content streaming on Netflix starting Oct. 15, according to Osiris.

New titles to stream through a third-party aggregator deal include Solitary, An American in China, Eva, Tricks of a Woman, A Lure, Dumping Lisa and The Fall, with the film Weakness available starting Dec. 6. Library titles in the deal include Amanda, Cayman Went, Road of No Return, Alpha Bots Christmas, Bonanza: Dark Star, Christmas Classics: Vol. 1, Holiday Favorites Volume 1-5, Miracle on 34th Street, Popeye & Friends, Santa and the Three Bears, Santa Claus, Superman Cartoons, The Swiss Family Robinson and Zulu.

“Because Osiris distributes quality entertainment from a variety of genres, our films attract a wide range of viewers, which is crucial in order to stay on top as a supplier within the burgeoning world of digital distribution,” said Osiris CEO Evan Crooke.

Just don't expect to rent them on DVD from Netflix — try Qwikster!

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