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‘NY Times’ Fave ‘Lake Tahoe’ Comes to DVD

6 Oct, 2009 By: Billy Gil

Genre: Drama
Studio: Film Movement
Street date: 11/10
Price/Format: $24.95 DVD
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Lake Tahoe is a Spanish-language coming-of-age comedy/drama (I will not say dramedy; I hate this word) about a 16-year-old boy who crashes his car and encounters strange characters while looking for a car part, such as a young mother who sings for a punk band and a young mechanic obsessed with martial arts. The film was the New York Times critics pick and won best film, supporting actor and director (Mexican director Fernando Eimbcke) at the Ariels. A short film is included with the DVD, as they are with all Film Movement releases: Noodles, by French director Jordan Feldman.


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