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Werewolf Boy, A (DVD Review)

7 Jul, 2013 By: Angelique Flores

Prebook 7/9/13; Street 8/13/13
Box Office $0.34 million
$26.98 DVD
Not rated.
In Korean with English subtitles.
Stars Bo-yeong Park, Joong-ki Song.

Romance between a fantasy creature and a human isn’t new in movies, but this sweet story between a werewolf boy and a teenage girl emerges as an original tale of young love.

Suni has just moved to the country with her mom and sister, and soon after they discover a werewolf boy living on the property. Neither the police nor any orphanage will take him, so the family takes care of him for the time being and names him Cheol-Su.

Frustrated with his animalistic tendencies, Suni trains him and teaches him how to do simple things like tie his shoes, brush his teeth and not inhale his food. Cheol-Su is drawn in by the beautiful Suni’s affection and
kindness, and Suni eventually stops seeing him as a pet project and grows fond of him too.

Like a guard dog, Cheol-Su becomes her protector, especially against the slimy landlord who has his eyes on Suni. Tensions between the werewolf and the landlord become increasingly violent, while mystery behind Cheol-Su’s origins unravel. As the friction comes to a head, Suni must decide to do what’s best for Cheol-Su, even if it might break both of their hearts.Bo-yeong Park as Suni carries well her character with both a youthful innocence and a precocious maturity, while Joong-ki Song as Cheol-Su makes you forget he isn’t part dog, an amazing performance for an actor who didn’t say much throughout the film.

Song’s work to portray the werewolf character is detailed in an interesting featurette. Other bonus materials include a making-of featurette, deleted scenes with optional commentary, an alternate ending and a featurette about the filmmakers’ ideas behind the werewolf’s transformation.

About the Author: Angelique Flores

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