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‘Nine Dead’ Draws Viewers In

11 Mar, 2010 By: Chris Tribbey

Image Entertainment’s new movie Nine Dead should have “Saw” fans leaping in horror.

The recently released DVD ($27.98) begins with nine hooded people, ranging from a priest to a pedophile, waking up in a room, handcuffed. In Saw-like fashion, they’re given a twisted game to play: Figure out how they’re all connected to one another, or die. Their tormenter promises to free the survivors once they figure it out, and turn himself over to the police, where he’ll offer a full confession “for the crimes I will commit today.”

A timer on the wall clicks down in 10-minute intervals, and once time is up, the masked man pops into the room and shoots one of them. Who’s first? Who’s next?

Who’s last?

“It’s a twisted film with some funny moments,” said director Chris Shadley. “I’d say get this one because it’s not your typical horror movie. It’s the horror version of 12 Angry Men, but you’re a part of it.”

The cast includes Melissa Joan Hart (“Sabrina the Teenage Witch”), John Terry (“Lost”) and William Lee Scott (The Butterfly Effect), and is being promoted as having the dark, edgy feel and character-driven suspense that’s made the “Saw” franchise so successful.

Shadley, who is making his directorial debut after a decade working in film, said Hart was among his favorites to work with, and that the dank, barren, one-room location where the horror takes place in Nine Dead is what makes his movie work.

“I really wanted to show that you could do something in one location and keep the audience intrigued,” he said. “It’ll be interesting to see people’s reactions to it.”

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