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H.P. Lovecraft Collection Vol. 1-4 (DVD Review)

25 May, 2008 By: John Latchem

HP Lovecraft

Quick Take: Feeling the Lovecraft

Following its release of The Call of Cthulhu silent film homage last year, Microcinema returns to the unique world of H.P. Lovecraft May 27 with four DVDs of films based on the celebrated horror master's works.

“The H.P. Lovecraft Collection” includes 1999's Cool Air, 2000's Dreams of Cthulhu: The Rough Magik Initiative, 1998's Out of Mind and 2000's Pickman's Model. The four volumes are available for $19.95 each.

Cool Air, Rough Magik and Pickman's Model (aka Chilean Gothic) are relatively faithful adaptations of Lovecraft fiction. Out of Mind serves as an effective quasi-biography of Lovecraft.


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