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BluFocus Launches 4K Testing Program

8 May, 2014 By: Chris Tribbey

BluFocus, a Los Angeles-based tester and certifier of consumer electronics, is launching a new Ultra-High-Def (UHD) and 4K qualification program, to help ensure UHD content playback is seamless.

The company is putting together an invite-only advisory committee comprised of people from all areas of the UHD ecosystem, who will develop the testing processes and environments used in the qualification program. The program aims to test UHD content playback via a series of tests across devices.

“We are excited about the capabilities of Ultra-HD and want to help ensure consumers have the best possible viewing experience,” sais BluFocus CTO Juan Reyes. “We have developed this program to help make that possible.

“Our collaborative partnerships with studios and CE companies, along with our involvement with groups such as the Blu-ray Disc Association, Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem and others, has helped us define this program so that it benefits all parties involved in the UHD ecosystem.”

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