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Ultra High-def TV En Route

19 Oct, 2011 By: Chris Tribbey

The best HDTV screens today offer a maximum of 2 million pixels. Imagine what 33 million would look like.

The International Telecommunications Union’s Study Group on Broadcasting Service has agreed to technical aspects for the new TV standard Ultra High-definition Television, or UHDTV.

The group also announced that Japanese public service broadcaster NHK provided the group with a demonstration of UHDTV earlier this month, and in September a trial UHDTV broadcast was undertaken between London and Amsterdam. If all goes according to plan, parts of the 2012 London Olympic Games could be shown in UHDTV.

“The relationship that a viewer has with television viewing is linked to the overall experience of the picture and quality of sound,” said David Wood, co-chair of the study group. “The extremely high quality of UHDTV will have a definite impact on our lifestyle and on our engagement with the programs we watch.”

Co-chair Christoph Dosch added: “UHDTV promises to bring about one of the greatest changes to audio-visual communications and broadcasting in recent decades. Technology is truly at the cusp of transforming how people experience audio-visual communications.”

About the Author: Chris Tribbey

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