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IHS: 4K Comprised 11% of March LCD TV Shipments

28 Apr, 2015 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Despite much hype surrounding 4K Ultra-HD TVs, the next-generation TVs accounted for just 11% of total LCD TV shipments in March, according to new data from IHS.

While panel makers at CES in Las Vegas again touted 4K resolution, ultra-slim bezels and other new features to improve panel shipment growth, consumer demand remains relatively restrained.

Led by Samsung and LG, 4KTV shipments grew from 1.7 million in February to a record 2.6 million units in March 2015. By comparison, LCD TV unit shipments grew 20% to 23.9 million units.

“Although the LCD TV panel demand has shown signs of slowing after the holidays, leading TV brands are preparing their new models for launch, so orders are not diminished,” Yoonsung Chung, director of large area display research for HIS, said in a statement.

LCD shipment growth varied by size in March, representing a shift in LCD TV size trends. The 23.6-inch display, which is primarily available in emerging regions, shipped a record 2.1 million units. Other display sizes setting records last month were 40-inch displays (3.3 million), 43-inch displays (1.2 million), 49-inch displays (0.9 million) and 65-inch displays (0.4 million).

Panel makers are projecting 261 million LCD TV units shipped this year, up from 253 million units in 2014 — a tall order, according to Chung.

“Demand will slow, beginning in the second quarter of 2015, and panel prices are already starting to fall, so TV panel shipments may face some growth challenges in the coming months,” he said.


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