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DTS Unveils New Ultra HD, Smart TV Audio Systems

8 Jan, 2013 By: John Latchem

Audio company DTS unveiled new technologies at the 2013 CES in Las Vegas for creation and playback of ultra high-definition content and for enhancing HD sound on smart TVs.

The DTS Studio Sound, DTS Premium Sound and DTS Premium Sound 5.1 technology suites will be incorporated into Samsung’s 2013 lineup of smart TVs. The suites are designed to provide a cinematic surround-sound experience out of the box.

DTS promises its sound systems will deliver natural sounding and immersive surround sound from the TV’s built-in speakers; a comfortable and consistent listening experience free of unwanted volume fluctuations; HD-quality audio with deep bass, natural midrange and bright highs; dialogue that is crisp, clear and audible; and optimized presets available for specific content such as movies, music, news and sports.

Among its other announcements, DTS introduced a new approach for audio creation, delivery and playback for ultra high-definition content, complementing the evolutionary steps video is taking with 4K resolution.  The system was designed for the ground up with the flexibility to address consumer home and mobile experiences, among other markets.

“The DTS UHD solution will deliver beyond 3D sound over as many speakers as the listener would like, but UHD audio is about more than just a bunch of speakers,” said Fred Kitson, chief technology officer and EVP at DTS. “It’s about immersive sound over headphones. It’s about expanded features that provide enhanced value to content owners and distributors. It’s about offering the consumer greater choice and flexibility in their listening environments as well as a newfound level of engagement with their sound experience.”

To accelerate next-generation content creation, DTS intends to provide the industry with Multidimensional Audio (MDA) as an open object-authoring format as the industry looks to avoid a format war for next-gen content creation and cinema delivery. Further, DTS is actively participating in numerous standards activities to help define and deliver UHD content for cinema, home media, broadcast and cloud-based services.

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