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Gods (Dioses) (DVD Review)

28 Jun, 2011 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Street 6/28/11
Global Film Initiative
$24.95 DVD
Not rated.
In Spanish with English subtitles.

Privileged rich people behaving badly and looking good doing it — that pretty much sums up 2008 Peruvian eye-candy Dioses, which finds pampered Diego (Sergio Gjurinovic) anguishing over the nightly exploits of his party-girl sister Andrea (thin and tanned Anahi de Cardenas) to the point of lurid obsession.

The siblings’ vapid existence in a beachside villa in Lima is underwritten by an industrialist father, who dotes over a new, much-younger girlfriend named Elisa (stunning Maricielo Effio), who gamely tries to distance her peasant upbringing by engaging in local socialites’ proclivities toward dancing, exotic flowers, art and the Bible.

Nightly partying, drinking, endless siestas and late-morning breakfasts chaperoned by an army of servants does have its penance eventually, in the form of Andrea’s three-month pregnancy. Not surprisingly, she has no idea who the father is.

While director Josué Méndez attempts to mock Peru’s upper class, patriarch Agustin (Edgar Saba) actually seems the most grounded — rooted in the belief that education and hard work are the paths to success in life — tenets routinely ignored by his family.

Interestingly, Agustin’s remarkable patience toward his thankless children and wanting fiancée, and the steps taken to circumvent a budding family scandal are never given their due — despite a hastily drawn ending.

“What boring crap,” Elisa mutters to her topless reflection in the mirror of the sun-drenched villa. Yeah, boorish behavior never looked so hot.

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