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Yeti (DVD Review)

7 Dec, 2008 By: Matt Miller


Prebook 12/9/08; Street 1/13/09
$14.95 DVD
Not Rated
Stars Carly Pope, Peter DeLuise, Crystal Lowe, Ed Marinaro.

Yeti attempts to put a fresh twist on the based-in-reality tale of athletes fighting for survival following a plane crash in the mountains. The movie does not shy away from the cannibalism issue, it just relegates it to the ‘B’-story and focuses on the threat from a menacing carnivorous monster.

There is simply no way around it: The most abominable thing about this snowman is the cheesy ape suit that looks like an albino mix of Chewbacca and The Cowardly Lion.

Following close in the race to be the cheesiest are the bargain-basement computer-generated graphics that are supposed to approximate a plane flying through the sky and crashing, but really approximate nothing more than a really old-school video game. The result is one ridiculous film. And that makes it pretty fun.

From the ‘B’-movie monsters of the 1950s to the classic Jaws, the school of thought has been less is more with creatures — show as little as possible while using psychology to create fearsome images in the minds of viewers. Yeti does the total opposite, showing the monster in full, early on, to the point of comic effect.

For all of its technical and logical shortfalls, the film does one thing well — it examines group dynamics and how people respond when their backs are to the wall. Yeti actually surprises in some ways with unexpected heroes, character growth and dimension.

Sure, some people like to watch movies about people getting killed, and those people will not be disappointed here. Everyone likes to see characters rise to the occasion, and in that regard Yeti really succeeds.

The movie features a cast of recognizable ‘B’ players, from Pope, who appears in the recent 24: Redemption and should be seen in the upcoming season of “24,” to scream queen Lowe (Final Destination 3, Wrong Turn 2).

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