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Home Media Magazine brings the home entertainment industry breaking news, research, analysis and product information. Home Media Magazine covers all aspects of the industry, from the studios and independent content suppliers to retailers and distributors of DVD and Blu-ray Disc, as well as the digital delivery of movies, TV shows and other programming. For breaking home entertainment news, sign up to receive our daily e-newsletter.

Industry News
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TK's MORNING BUZZ: Two-Tiered Pricing for DVD, Like the VHS Videocassette, is a Concept Whose Days Are Numbered    11 Apr, 2001

News By: Thomas K. Arnold

HIVE EXCLUSIVE: Wake up to the buzz behind the Breaking News with THOMAS K. ARNOLD, Editor at Large, Video Store Magazine.More>>

DVD Entertainment Group Report: DVD Sales Continue to Flourish    10 Apr, 2001

News By: Hive News

Consumer player sales exceed 16 million units; software sales enjoy 100% growth over same period last year.More>>

Icebox.com: Out of Cold Storage and Into Program Syndication    10 Apr, 2001

News By: Staff Reporter

Assets purchased at auction for $500,000 by five members of its management team; group signs deal with Mondo Media.More>>

HIVE EXCLUSIVE: Studios, Matsushita Set Up VOD Think Tank    6 Apr, 2001

News By: Joan Villa

New lab on Universal lot designed to iron out wrinkles in broadband delivery. <BR> By JOAN VILLAMore>>

HIVE EXCLUSIVE: Remedy for Writers' Block?    6 Apr, 2001

News By: Joan Villa

Video divisions feeling pressure to pick up the slack as two Hollywood industry strikes loom. <BR> By JOAN VILLAMore>>

HIVE EXCLUSIVE: Industry Hopes DVD Will Spawn Sellthrough Market in Japan    5 Apr, 2001

News By: Thomas K. Arnold

U.S. studio execs hope DVD is the key to achieving long-sought objective. <BR> By THOMAS K. ARNOLDMore>>

Viacom Drops Blockbuster Split Plan    28 Mar, 2001

News By: Hive News

Big Blue's recovery has led Viacom to reconsider its plan.More>>

HIVE EXCLUSIVE: Former West Coast Begins New Era    23 Mar, 2001

News By: Joan Villa

More units, more new releases and hands-on management part of reorganization. <BR> By JOAN VILLAMore>>