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'Snakes on a Plane' Will Garner More Success in the Home

21 Aug, 2006 By: Stephanie Prange

How does a glorified ‘B' movie hit it big in theaters? Marketing, and, in the case of Snakes on a Plane, viral marketing on the Internet through blogging and such.

Where will it realize its greatest audience? In the home entertainment market.

Despite all the hype surrounding New Line Cinema's Web-phenom Snakes on a Plane, the movie failed to meet Web-generated inflated expectations. At a take of a little over $15 million its first weekend, the film didn't live up to projections of $20 million or more. In the end, although lots of people enjoyed talking about the hype surrounding the amped-up creature feature, many didn't get up off the couch and actually go see it.

Still, don't count this slithering story out. I remember the mega-line of uber-fans waiting for the Snakes presentation at Comic-Con. The title certainly has a cult following. And many of those hype-watching couch potatoes who couldn't manage to drag themselves to the theater will likely buy or rent the title on DVD or VOD. Halloween's coming up and Snakes on a Plane will make great viewing as folks wait at home to hand out candy to the kids.

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