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Insights from the experts in the home entertainment industry. Get the inside scoop on entertainment news, DVD and Blu-ray releases, and the behind-the-scenes happenings at key studios and entertainment industry retailers.

From the Editor
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Scribe Touts DVD’s ‘Strong Showing’    2 Dec, 2008

Blog By: Thomas K. Arnold

Even though DVD sales are slightly off from last year, not everyone is joining the chorus of...More>>

Green for Blu on Black Friday?    24 Nov, 2008

Blog By: Stephanie Prange

Wal-Mart’s rumored $128 Blu-ray player is poised to break new ground in the high-def hardware...More>>

Black Friday Deals Aren't Just for Early Birds    21 Nov, 2008

Blog By: Chris Tribbey

Electronics retailers, especially the big box boys, know there are a lot of lazy shoppers like me...More>>

Home Video: Bargain in Tough Times    17 Nov, 2008

Blog By: Thomas K. Arnold

The nation may be in an economic tailspin, but so far at least our industry hasn’t been hit all...More>>

Flat is the New Up in Entertainment    2 Nov, 2008

Blog By: Thomas K. Arnold

I received an interesting call last week from a reporter from the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper....More>>

How Low Can They Go? Under $200    28 Oct, 2008

Blog By: Stephanie Prange

Many have been waiting for Blu-ray Disc players to hit the magical under-$200 price. Most didn’t...More>>

To Our Readers: A Call to Action    21 Oct, 2008

Blog By: Thomas K. Arnold

In these difficult economic times, we see our role as a trade magazine as more important than ever.More>>

Two Retailers That Weathered Change    30 Sep, 2008

Blog By: Stephanie Prange

<i>Home Media Magazine</i> recognizes significant anniversaries for two important retailers in the...More>>

TV DVD Is the Way for Me     22 Sep, 2008

Blog By: Stephanie Prange

Editor in chief Stephanie Prange says she prefers the luxuries of TV on DVD to the tedium of...More>>

A Bummer, But Not a Hummer    10 Sep, 2008

Blog By: Thomas K. Arnold

Publisher Thomas K. Arnold says studios are riding out the economic storm with big plans for Q4.More>>