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BeFit Aiming to Be Top Fitness Channel

30 Jan, 2013 By: Angelique Flores

"BeFit in 30 Extreme"

Having turned just a year old this month, Lionsgate’s BeFit Channel on YouTube has seen some impressive growth.

Each week, the site sees 1 million views, and in total it has drawn 30 million to date. About 10,000 new subscribers sign up each week, making a sum of 175,000 total subscribers for both BeFit and its BeFit in 90 channel.

“We’re really happy with the channel and focused on making it the most premium fitness channel on YouTube,” said Kajsa Vikman, SVP of marketing and GM of fitness. “I think we’ve seen great growth over the year, and we continue to see week-over-week growth.”

The channel () offers a variety of content, from yoga, cross-training and dance workouts to fitness tips and information.

There’s also the “You Asked for It” series, which lets anyone ask fitness experts questions, while StarFit gives a look at the latest workouts that celebrities are doing.

One of the more popular programs is “BeFit in 90,” a 90-day workout system with former Olympian and trainer Samantha Clayton and former Marine and war vet-turned-trainer Garret Amerine.

Also popular are the 30-day programs, such as “30-Day Butt Lift” and “30-Day 6 Pack Abs,” as well as clips from catalog titles from fitness superstars Jillian Michaels and Denise Austin.

Other trainers with content available on BeFit include fitness veteran Jane Fonda and some newer stars such as Tara Stiles and Rainbeau Mars.

The newest channel that just launched is BeFit in 30 Extreme, which is a high-intensity, metabolic-conditioning workout program with popular online trainers Scott Herman and Susan Becraft. Each level is 30 days, and level one is available now, with level two arriving in February and level three in March. 

And all of this content is available for free, with engagement between the site and consumers.

“Part of the beauty of YouTube is you can have this direct relationship with your consumers,” Vikman said. “We want to continue to drive engagement and build an ongoing community and communication with consumers.”

Lionsgate also has been able to cross-promote this online community with its fitness DVDs, including the placement of trailers and inserts in its DVDs.

And in turn, with video clips of its catalog DVDs online, Lionsgate has seen a boost in DVD sales from those trainers and brands.

“We’re definitely seeing a renewed interest in brands like Denise Austin,” Vikman said. “It’s a good opportunity for brand building.”

With the digital world in constant evolution, BeFit too continues to evolve, as Lionsgate plans to explore more content and marketing opportunities this year. The channel may see some more live programming, more of the latest trends and content that might appeal more to young adults.

“So far we’ve seen great consumer feedback,” Vikman said.

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